Does he kill you and take the baby? Leave the baby with you to care for? Watch you while the child grows? What happens?


  • I need to find an expert in the incubus field .. And I’m not talking about someone that can give me the “mythology” of it. More on the spiritual realm and the possibilities of human form. Please reply with email if you can help.

    • Jesslin all u have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saver! Which Jesus which is God that which was in the flesh died to have your sins forgiven and through his grace has given u salvation! Tell him I know I have sinned and fallen short of your glory please help me and clean my life up and close and put the holy almour on to protect me thank u in Jesus name

    • Northman incubi and Sucubi are demons which are spirits and belong to Satan! Which will be children of the damnation so Rebuke them and remember we are the temple of God!

  • it can get you pregnant but there is usually a line of “proof”. it depends on the situation how the child is handled. certain types can see the energy but if the body is attacked then there is adoption and thats done by people with the same gift or by the other entities that have made it into the light … if that occurs then its very aggressive and the wings take the baby to heaven where it matures. Then you live out your lige and wrought into the planet like the rest who didnt get to be filtered from the fleshwill be safe until it matures as

  • A incubus is very attached to me. He won’t hurt me, all he does is protect me. Because i might be having his kid…….. It explains why his hand feels like its on my stomach.

    • I’d like to know if you’re for real. I have a spirit, not sure if an incubus, who has followed me for a couple of years where ever I went. I made myself believe it was sleep paralysis, but he is real. I do adore him now, but he scared me to death for awhile.
      Not to negate your own conundrum, but everything I have read about incubus has been terrible and mine is genuinely lovely and loving and awesome. Scary at first to be sure, but now I adore him. I just am sick of reading damnation and hellfire about something that scientific people tell me is in my head and religious people tell is satan.
      He’s just kinda a part of my life, as time has gone on, he has stopped being scary and I’ve grown to love him.
      I feel crazy, all of the time, but if I am crazy then it’s very specific about this being that holds me and loves me.
      it affects nothing of my day to day life, he just kind of shows up sometimes, in that state between waking and dreaming and loves me.
      Yes, I have heard the scientific explanation, sleep paralysis. NOTHING I have heard has explained, the depth or the relationship I have with him. He is real or I am crazy. It is one of those two things.
      As I have nothing else in my life to prove me crazy, in any facet by process of elimination. He is real.

      Sorry for the ramble… I just kind of had to type that out to realize it.

      AS for the religious nuts.
      There is more on Heaven and Earth than your god could ever explain.
      Stop putting evil where you don’t know it exists, stop.

      • I have the same exact thing. Upon meeting, Skyler (as I call him) was actually set to murder me but he couldn’t bring himself to do it and over the past yet we have gotten very attached to each other and he has actually began searching and trying to find ways we could safely be together and I have too.

      • I know this is a old thread and you probably wont see this but I understand where you are coming from.I To Have A close Relationship With A spirit. Although there is more than one they are with me day and night. So to the people with the explanation of sleep paralysis being the cause of all they can’t explain, this is not always the case. I have many picture were they show up with me. They never caused me any harm, I can tell they care for me as I do them. I always thought I was alone, but I’ve been hearing more and more people that have the same experiences.

      • You are not crazy. I’m going through the same exact situation. I don’t believe he is evil. I believe that nothing is all good and you can’t be bad without good. It’s a balance. It doesn’t matter what world, universe or life you live in… balance will always be there and you will never have one without the other. These “demons” are spiritual beings.. which means they can be both good and bad just like any other living being. We are all the same.. we just see differently.

  • Well it depends… In many cases the mother will die during the end of the pregnancy, causing the Demi-Demon spawn to die along with her. other times, the incubus will either leave her with a creature liable to kill her, or continue to get the mother pregnant multiple time so that he can father more children. It depends on how much the mother and the children that she produces interest the incubus. I don’t believe that there is any way to exorcise the incubus, for they simply come and go as they please. if you need any more info, feel free to text and/or call me^^ number below

  • It depends who you ask. Some that the the child will be a succubus/incubus. Some say it will be an evil human with mild demonic powers. Some say that no one but the incubus knows what the child is because they steal it away at birth. At any rate you probably won’t be hearing from it again

    • My incubus and the others took away my twins..they were like roast chickens…now my incubus sees me as his wife in die respects..and I adore him.

      • Im pregnant now ive been in an 18 wheeler wreck and should have died got hit with both air bags and not a scratch my husband was abusive since ive been pregnant hes not at all he says he feels afraid some reason and his head different the baby didn’t skip a beat after wreck its so strong and im not but about 6weeks along i believe the baby or something is protecting us alot i see a black figure always racing around me but i cant see a clear view of him am i crazy

  • When the folklore of the succubus and incubus is studied there is more then the scary stuff so many stop at. You would never become pregnant via this creature. The succubus and incubus are two sides of the same creature–Demon, if you wish. This creature has no way of its own to bring more of its kind to life. Therefore, the creature takes the shape of a beautiful mortal female as a succubus and seduces a mortal male. The sperm is held in the creatures body and mixed with its blood/DNA. Then there is a shape shift to incubus. The incubus seeks and seduces a mortal female that is fertile and while making love to her removes the fertile ovum from her and brings it into itself. Thus, a new creature is born and the race goes on.

  • When and if that would happen and if the pregnancy is carried to term, then the child would have slightly “demonic” inclinations.

    But i personally choose not to call such entities “demons”. It’s what organized religion called any and all entities mentioned in previous … so-called “pagan” religions ….. entities they couldn’t fit or find an equivalent to.
    Isis = virgin mary ….. and other things as such.

    However what i do think happens, from a more down-to-earth perspective is that if the child IS from such an encounter, then those “demonic” inclinations … such as sensitivity to other entities and not only, will come from its naturally lowered vibration frequency.
    “demons” are said to have lower frequency, asociated with negative feelings such as fear
    it was proven that when we’re happy or inlove or whatever … our brain operates at higher average frequency and we all know who wins in the “mind over matter” duel.
    So you tell me: are you willing to bring out a “weirdo kid” into the world ? one that will sense things around him or her, that will try to show others what s/he sees hears feels but that nobody will believe and will only dismiss as “crazy” or “one clown short of a full circus” ?

    That’s what will happen if an incubus does its job.

  • There is no way in heaven or earth that an incubus or a succubus can get a human being or an animal pregnant ever again… Why? well that is because of the cursed that God placed on the heads of all fallen angels… And every demon (fallen angels) on the face of this earth is a a demon….. Now we know that in the pass angels created offspring’s with human being but when they were kicked out of heaven all of their angelic powers were taken away from them…… And all they could do to replace all of their lost angelic powers come from the paranormal zone … And that left them in a state where even a human being can now defeat a demon Also the remaining heavenly angels can now totally destroy any and all demons…… Also that is why Satan sends his demonic hoard out to do his dirty work for even Satan can be exorcises and banish into the paranormal zone for forever……… One more thing that you need to remember and that is yes there have been both men and women that have been molested by demon but the ability to create offspring’s is no longer possible………… Also it is totally impossible for a vampire or werewolf to have children with human being, Again why? well all vampires and werewolves have a demonic controller……. And if you refuse to believe that then you have some heavy research to do and then you will see the truth of my words…. Also the story of merlin birth was suppose to becaused of an angel and a human… And not a demon………..

    • In genesis 6 the first of the angels left their first estate and took wife’s and gave born to the giants! Those angels are bond in chains until judgement. But in Daniel and revelation it talks about it happening again so the rest will do the same!

  • I can recall only one case of a pregnancy that came full term. The man was named Merlin, of the Arthurian Legends. It was said that his father was an Incubus or a Demon, and this is why he had such powers, being half demon himself.

    Others seem to be false pregnancies. The women went full term, and delivered nothing. Thus, in times past, they thought that the demon came and collected the baby from the mother. Others were lost, due to health or not being human enough (probably miscarriages by today’s standards).

    Knowing the Dark Lord and his ideas of pleasure, I would think that whatever would torture the mother would be his choice, and thus it would depend on the woman. Those who wanted a child, no matter what, would lose them. Those who would suffer by raising them, and being known as an adulteress or prostitute, would be left to raise them. You see, they have no care for the living, even their own. They were not of this world to begin with, and take no pride in it, like man does. Their joy would be in seeing “you” suffer the most, by whatever actions they can do. The more you fall in G-d’s eyes, and think you cannot repent, the more they “win.”

    This is with all demons and their kin. In essence, they do not exist outside of the darkness that created them.

    • U have to remember the flesh sins against God and unless u do the great fight and stand your grounds and put the amount of the Lord on Satan will use any means to destroy any of us! Remember James 4:7 resist the devil and he shall fee! Get closer to Jesus and the power of heavens will shake your world to the powers of heaven

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