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what does it mean when you feel someone’s aura around you constantly?

like for example an ex’s aura? does it mean they are thinking of you, or vice versa? its like their presence is around you.


  • i am feeling someones presence and it feels like they are holding me right now. i have a feeling that its my best friend that committed suicide, but im not too sure. i have loss of breath, energy, and i feel really sad. i dont know why i started feeling this so long after it happened, but im scared. can someone please help me.

  • You cannot feel someones aura around you. There has to be a presence around you that you are feeling. A deceased individual is the reason you are feeling the presence. No need to be alarmed. I can sense auras around people and places. I have to be around the person or place to sense the aura. I have had experiences where someone was around me, and I felt like my energy and his energy merged. It felt like a strong energy. No one can send their aura around you. You can send healing energy to a person, and it will make them feel more energized. You have to focus on the person you are sending the energy to, and then they will be touched by the energy. It’s not your ex. It sounds like wishful thinking.

  • I believe if you have a spiritual connection with a loved one you are bound to feel their presence if they are gone for a long period of time. Maybe they are thinking of you and that connection makes you think of them as well. I had a man whom I loved disappear from my life. I started dreaming about him. About how when we met back up he had long hair. I ended up finding out what happened. Once we met back up his hair was long as ever. Exactly like my dream.

  • I havent seen her in years or think of her in years. Last night, out of nowhere I found my self thinking of her and started missing all the times we had and couldn’t sleep. That same day at work I found my self thinking of her again as I turned my head she was looking at me. She actually showed up to where I work and quickly looked down. It was a coincidence.

  • I’ve known this guy sense i was 4 and i saw him last thurseday @ a gathering he was attached to me by the hip, i havent stopped thinking about it and acting not myself or i smile more. ( ive liked him for the longest time, my dad pointed out after the gathering tht the guy in his words “had the hots for u(me)” it’s been wird these last few days i think about him randomly i cant control it even if i have no reminder of him.

  • So last nite As I closed my eyes trying to sleep but couldn’t I felt mostly relaxed after a soothing meditation for a moment I felt my ex arm n his essenes then I could c his aura mustard yellow and he look sad and unhappy Abt to drop some tears. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before what does it mean ? …. I’m I loosing it ? Pls help me

  • it never breaks..you both have to let go..yes they are thinking of you as well….probaby wishing the same, even if involved with someone else, it is called life. As long as the current is active, the possibility exist, but a Date TBD.

  • My opinion is that there is still some psychic attachment of you to this person. Whether they are aware of it or not, or even whether they are consciously thinking of you or not, there is what we call a psychic “cord” that has linked the two of you together. This was likely formed when you were together and in love. If you don’t mind the way this makes you feel then you don’t have to do anything. If you wish it to be gone or if it is making you sad or hampering your ability to move on, then email me off list here and I will give you some tips on how to sever it.

    • but what if the pain and love…and that weakness that still lingers, along with knowing everything about that peson even so far away..where they are, if their hurt, still alive,if they are close…or not.

      because you can feel it, and whether you look alive or not, if something happens to that person you are gone, you are lost, …no matter how far away, or how much that person barely even knows you anymore… and it is makeing you sad. if it was true…and yet there was no way to get it back…but it was true…

      Not how could you move on…
      But why would you want to?
      This Pain

      Is the best thing I ever Had

      without this pain…i would never know a true man…i had to lose him,

  • How is it that you can “feel auras,” but you do not know that answer to such a simple question yourself?

    What would it mean if someone were able to feel *your* aura around them constantly?

    Your aura is supposed to be around *you,* not gallivanting off to the antipodes!

  • While I’d like to think that it means they miss you and are thinking of you, I’d have to say that (at least in my case) it’s vice versa. I’m sure he’s forgotten me…someone we both know recently told me that she asked him if he’d seen me around (I’ve been in “hiding” lol), and she said he was at a loss as to who she was speaking about for almost a full minute! lol Don’t know why she felt that was so important to share, but yeah…in my case, it’s just me thinking about and missing him…

  • I think it just means that you miss them, or you are thinking about them. Maybe you knew them so well their entire personality lives within you, so it feels like part of them is still there.

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