Does this have to do with religion? The supernatural? I’ve never really understood what this means, can anyone explain it to me? Thanks!


  • WOW…..what a cacophony of wisdom!!!!

    Your Third Eye is your soul, your Spirit. To open your third eye is to accept spiritual wisdom and discernment. It used to be understood that our soul has no need for binocular vision, because the wisdom that is being imparted to you, is a gift. A gift never comes to you from an enemy, but rather a friend.

    Binocular vision makes it possible for us to “Zero-In” on prey in motion. It allows our brain to quantify variables of an object in motion, according to distance and speed. Another point is it provides a sense of depth perception a problem with the gaming industry in computer games, they are endeavoring to apply 3 dimensions to a 2 dimensional device, virtually impossible.

    Monocular vision does not allow for depth and is therefore seen as flat, like two dimension. This is the Third Eye. No need for seeing anything but what is right there in front of you.

  • I think of this totally different from others. Opening your third eye, to me means that you need to see ‘both’ sides of views. Be optamistic, fair, open to diverse opinions rather than just yours, or the influence of another. Opening yourself up to the possible chance that what you see or believe, or what someone else sees or believes, may not be the truth. And there just may be something in the middle that reveals the whole truth.
    Kind of like, he said she said…..He tells you his side, she tells you hers, but yet the truth lies in the middle.

    To my belief, I don’t construed this as to be supernatural, or religious saying. Yet this statement can be understood either way. I take the ‘third’ way. The truth lies “between” the lines. That is the ‘third’ eye. In my opinion.

  • In addition to the two eyes of our visual sense which sees the outer, material world, we also have inner vision, our third eye, which must be awakened or quickened, and is our spiritual vision which sees/understands the inner reality of things.

  • It’s an allegory – it refers to seeing beyond your own limited version of the world…get out of your own head and see the world from the viewpoint of others…it’s supposed to happen in some forms of meditation like a flash of light, but even if it’s true that happens, it’s sort of useless…the only real advantage to trying to see things from another’s point of view would be to actively try to do it, not embrace it on some kind of sub-conscious level…

  • It a sacrilegious belief, in opposition to the ways of God Almighty, and if you believe so, you will meet the fires and brimstones of hell.

  • Opening your third eye, refers to what psychics and mediums call their ‘sixth sense’. It’s suppose to imply the space directly between your eyebrows, with which you mentally see or feel things that others cannot.

  • it’s a superstition… you are supposed to be in front of another person, or yourself in the mirror, and put you head as close as you see both eyes ‘becoming one’ (optical illusion)

    what is this for? i have no idea, it is practised by people who have nothing to do

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