• Scientifically there is no prove that an aura exists, but we all have felt that a certain distance is required from a person who you do not know, to feel comfortable. There is much between heaven and earth we can not see and do not know. Can we all accept that?

  • there are many layers to our aura…
    and if someone says you have a small aura , then chances are they are only seeing the first one or two layers
    which is perfectly normal to see , even by those who are developed in seeing them … however some can see more on occasion
    but our aura does intensify and grow as we spiritually and physically grow
    so what one person sees one day may not be what another see further down the line
    so dont feel insulted by this .. there may be several reasons why someone would say this if they were reading your aura
    i would not say this however because it is the content that is more important in a reading than the size xx

  • The aura is the energy field surrounding your physical body. A spiritually weak person would have a small aura. Someone enlightened, (e.g. The Christ, The Buddha) would have an enormous one.

  • It was found, that human aura size as well as distribution not only change significantly during conscious exercises of the mind, but they both can be controlled and greatly improved.

    Two types of exercise were performed and their results compared: meditation and concentration. It was found that both exercises had a very positive influence on human state. They both increased the size of the aura and reduced its fractal distribution. It was found, that the concentration exercise was more effective, more consistent and lead to more coherent improvement of the electrophotonic glow than the meditation exercise. Results, presented in the context of Kirlian diagnostics, clearly demonstrated the significant influence of conscious exercises on intensifying the healing processes within the body.

  • Small auras usually belong to spiritually weak people (like the ones who answered before me); the ones with the large ones are usually confidant about themselves.

  • It doesn’t mean anything — there’s no such thing as an “aura.”

    And don’t point to schlerian photography as “proof” of an aura — that was scientifically shown to be fake many, many years ago.

    Sorry, there’s no aura. Please join the rest of us in the 21st century and leave 17th century superstition behind.

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