Last night, I dreamed that my boyfriend kissed me.
I wondered if it was just my subconscious mind wanting him to kiss me, or if it actually meant something.
We were both at a mall in the dream, but it was completely deserted.
I’m just fascinated with this kind of thing, so I would like it if you left me your honest opinion of what it might mean. : )

Thanks in advance.


  • Me and my boyfriend have been dating for like 2 months. Last night I dreamt that we were playing soccer with friends, while my family were eating at the table. We then frenched kiss. It is not the first time though. Then my brother-in-law starting saying stop kissing you know. So I wanted to know what that meant.

  • I had a dream my boyfriend kissed me behind my church on the playground. We’ve never kissed before, but he talks about wanting to all the time. >.< I wish I knew what it meant.

  • I dream of my boyfriend kissing he.. But he has not kissed me yet… I really really really love him and I wish I new what it means

  • ok I am 12 and my boyfriend is too and I want him to kiss me but he is shy and I am to an I think about it all the time an I think about him all the time and we are in love I knowbc he tells me I love you all the time and your hot an pritty can somebody help.

    • I have a boyfriend and I dream about him kissing me we only got to kiss one time I really really love him so I really want to know what did my dream mean

  • What if ur boyfriend is way more popular than me and his friends talk behind his back and I know this is way of topic but still I dont want to get involved and make look weak but I just want to a frying pan and hit his friends upside the head what should I do?

  • I had a dream lastnight that My boyfriend ‘Tongue’ kissed me and I didn’t particularly like it.. I really wanna know what That means..

  • Ok so my boyfriend and i have been going out for a month now and weve both never had our first kiss but in my dreams for the past few days are me and him in my room laying down ang haveing a rly long hug then well kiss and then ill fall asleep on top of him with my arms around him. Is this is a good or bad sign??

    • I had been dating my boyfriend for eight months when we kissed. Now, its been much over a year and we haven’t kissed again… I had a dream last night about me kissing him… Does that mean the same thing?

  • I have been dreaming about my boyfriend everynight.We go to the same school.He tells me that he loves me all the time.He also calls me baby.What does that mean?

  • i dreamt that i was on the beach where i saw my boyfriend and cause my family never liked him I sneeked around and found him and stayed for a while before going to my parents before they notice. Then it turned to see him walking around in my house and my parents are around they apeared to know about his presence but dont know about our relationship so we sneeked kiss every once in a while. what does it mean?

  • all it means is that your spechal day is comming and if you dont feel comftrbal with your dreams talk about them with your boy friend he’ll understand

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