The aura around the head is full and intact, the aura around body area is broken and it looks like a bunch of circles or bubbles, sort of?? What does this mean?? Any ideas??


  • Hi there,
    I recently heard that an aura can become cracked due to PTSD, which can cause a spirit attachment. How can an aura become cracked due to PTSD? Thank you!

  • an aura is not static, it moves and flows at all times, the head area, especially at certain times will often have concentrated energy, straight after work, at an event etc.

    areas of darkness depending on who is looking can in fact simply be the deeper purples and blues. or a very refined energy bearing in mind there is visible and non visible colour

    the light that we perceive as aura is emitted from the cells of the body, so if there is an area where the emissions are slight it can be indicative of a lack of helath or lesser function in that area.

    if an aura photo the biofeedback and nature of film does not allow for some of the more subtle colours.

  • maybe a psychic vampire is feeding off you. Are there any new people around you– at work or somewhere where you and friends hang out– you’ve never seen before?
    If so it’d be best to stay away from that new person.

    • My mother is one. Avoid them at all costs. Her aura is black. My son sees auras and hers was the first he ever saw. He had nightmares for a very long time. It is not something you want to deal with. They take all your happiness and leave you feeling drained.

  • Hello Maya

    It shows that energy is sticking, not circulating. It also shows that maybe the auric shell needs a bit of love.

    The energy that is sticking will obviously be from one of the chakras, but more likely from a specific issues that needs dealing with – so meditation, facing issue head on, healing & some positive thinking will be in order.


  • It sounds (feels) really bad.

    I can only tell you what I psychically pick up from the description.

    There is some kind of abuse, like drug abuse, physical abuse or mental disability. I suppose it could also be reflective of the result of a very traumatic event that has left the person traumatized.

    I don’t know if you are talking about yourself or not but I would strongly suggest taking a bath with something soothing like lavender and burn purple and white candles around the tub for healing. I normally would recommend taking a salt bath but I think that in this case, it could make it worse.

    The psychic reaction I am getting from this post is like a spiritual, open wound…but it’s there due to something in the physical realm.

    Take care.

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