For example that shows up in photos?
A couple yrs ago I had my picture taken for an employee badge where I was working and the PR lady had to retake my photo several times because each time she said there was a black aura around me. To my knowledge I was not depressed or ill at the time. But I have been a sort of magnet for ghost activity, malevolent and not, for as long as I can remember.


  • Hi there it doesn’t mean your chased by demons what a load of crap lol. My aura is black and silver and has been my entire life it’s been unchanged since the day I was born. It’s unique in this sense and I’m a regularly happy go lucky kind of person lol. My aura doesn’t reflect my feelings it conceals them. To think a black aura is all negative your sadly mistaken.

  • Merry meet,
    Hmm… Audio Visual master is wrong, Niks is right!
    I have read my own energy, Its it black and gold because I too am followed and chased by ghosts and demons.
    I am also a healer there you go I’ve just killed two birds with one stone for you. =D Blessed be!

  • Are you a very private person? Perhaps you didn’t really want to work at the job that you got. I see black aura’s as possibly a kind of protection wall that we put around ourselves when we feel weak or some how vulnerable to some one or thing around us. Most people do a red aura for protection but I have seen Black ones in that manner. it’s like a knee-jerk reaction to a situation.

  • It usually denotes illness or negative energy. From what you say, this was on the photo and not your preception of color, it indicates there is a negative energy surrounding you.
    Don’t take this wrong…not negative spirits…..but energy.
    It could be from other people directing thoughs toward you,
    or it could be you having negative thoughts about things or
    You need clearing or cleaning. Find a energy healer in your area…..
    You could do this yourself also by visualizing White light coming in through the top of your head. Bringing it into the entire body. Then pushing out through your aura. Visualize
    this white light surrounding you and your aura Encasing it all
    and then moving off away from you with the negativity inside
    this bubble. (I picture negative as – the subtraction or negative
    sign.) At this time use a confirmation such as “I remove all
    negative illness and thought forms from me, and taken into
    the greater universe to be transmuted and used for the greater good of all.” The more you can visualize the more
    you put into the process. All this might seem silly for a while,
    but it will work and you should begin to even feel lighter in time. Continue to fill yourself with white light and ask to be
    surrounded with loving light protection.

  • It’s usually thought to mean illness or some sort of negativity. If this doesn’t fit, what do you feel the color represents. Sometimes one person’s perception of a color is different than others. For some who’s favorite color is black, it might be a good aura.

  • Black aura means you have negativity around you, as in something is depressing you or weighing you down. Some people think black auras are actually ghosts of undead (possibly) evil spirits around waiting to do you harm. However, I have never seen this in a photo.

  • Your camera needs to be repaired, or you need to learn about back light and other photography techniques and you been fed so much crap that you dont know reality from fantasy.

    • and apparently you dont know how to read either.
      1. it was an official camera….at her job, remember? so “her camera” dont need to be repaired.
      2. she wasnt the one taking the picture so how is lessons in back lighting going to help?
      3. youre being a cynical trolling a$$ hole. she was told she had an aura around her by the camera operator. not some psychic or anyone of that nature. this has nothing to do with her not knowing “fantasy from reality”. do the world a favor and go take a long walk off a short pier with a bowling ball strapped to your leg.

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