1. How do you think we will react?
2. Do you think it will be like “1984”?
3. Why would they create a New World Order?
4. Do you think the New World Order will become a reality?
5. If so, when?
6. Or do you think it is here already?
7. How will the world be different that it is today?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am just far too intrigued by this topic.

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  • Check out my answer and think about it for a second.

    Do you think becoming a One world government is inevitable?

    Think about that for a second. From the dawn of time man has been uniting since we got that spark in our brains that told us to evolve intelligence. We turned from Isolated groups or packs into organized tribes, tribes into villages, villages into cities, cities into countries, countries into…?

    Well you can only imagine that at the end of the day we are all Human Beings on the same planet. It is so primitive if you think about it to have “Boarders”. Boarders bring hate, separation, war, famine, and at the end of the day… are just plain dysfunctional and counter-productive.

    Now these are just a fraction of the many examples i could come up with on why a One world Government is truly inevitable. Also why it is part of the evolution of mankind.

    We are in the birth pains of a new era, think hard about what is going on in the world and how these events can lead to whats coming in the future.

  • There are a lot of outdated ideas on how this New Order will be brought to the world.

    The old vision of a single world government was just too bureaucratic and there was too much national pride.

    The revised vision of binding the world in a web of multinational companies works much better. Then throw in keeping the politicians in line with contributions, bribes, and checkbook diplomacy and we have the entire system based on personal greed and power. Which is far more sustainable and predictable.

    I am puzzled by one aspect of your question…

    It seems to imply that the NWO is not already here.

  • Well….
    the USA was supposed to be a new world order; check the back of the one dollar bill you’ll find the words ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ (Latin).
    So really it’s about time!
    How do you like it? I’m sure you’re referring to a scary oligarchy where work and food standards are low, people are treated like slaves, wear uniforms, only allowed to socialize in controlled circumstances, etc.
    How do you like it?

    So rather than worrying about control you can’t see, I suggest fighting the control you can see and deal with. Politics actually starts quite small; school board hearings, city councils and more. Get involved. But really for 99% of people it’d be better living and the other 1% a lot less thinking.

  • Seems like the elder Bush was first to declare “A new world Order’
    Bush the younger explained, after 9-11 to the other nations either you are with us or you are against us. So basically it’s the whole world against the ‘ Axis of Evil.’ The first shot was delivered on the twin towers, and Holy War was declared, I hope Obama will have the fortitude to answer that enemy with our best weapons of massed destruction. Iran, Korea, and maybe a few others could contribute to the new world order by simply disappearing. Let the other nations be begging for statehood in the New United States of Earth..

  • 1. it wont happen fast so we wont react at all
    2.. i dont know i wasn’t born then,
    3. so they can have total control of the whole world cause they’re so rich they so bored with it, plus they think God told them to do it.
    4.Really, I dont know all of the things people have said will come true but all I know is that this ecnomic crisis is their thing… plus its already in the news that crowd control is gonna happen….
    6. I am so used to it even if some of their plans are here, well we have to use credit cards, and social security as ID even tho that is unconstitutional in the US
    7. well we will have to have a chip in us and show ID everywhere or elso we’ll be seen as a “terrorist.” — i hope that is what you meant..

  • i think the NWO will form after the WW3. people will view this as a solution to humanity’s problem. the bigger problem will come when a dictator controls the world… then we would be screwed lol. i doubt that it will happen in our life time; however, it will probably happen as near as our grandchildren’s life time (im 24 btw). yeah its gonna be pretty bad but not sure if its going to be as bad as the book 1984. when this happens we are pretty much near the endtimes according to the bible.

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