The Open Secret message is totally radical and uncompromising. It is a rare and singular expression of absolute non-dualism. It bypasses the mind and speaks directly to the very core of a wisdom that is imminent in all of us. When there is a readiness to hear, all seeking and need for personal endeavor falls away, leaving simply the wonder of what is.

There is no me or you, no seeker, no enlightenment, no disciple and no guru. There is no better or worse, no path, and nothing that has to be achieved. All appearance is source. All that apparently manifests — the world, the life story, the hypnotic dream of separation, the search for home — is the one appearing as two, the nothing appearing as everything, the absolute appearing as the particular.

There is no separate intelligence weaving a destiny, and no choice functioning at any level. Nothing is happening, but this, as it is, invites the apparent seeker to rediscover that which already is…the abiding, uncaused, unchanging, impersonal silence from which unconditional love overflows and celebrates. It is the wonderful mystery.

Tony Parsons has been sharing this “open secret” with people for over thirty years. His talks and workshops are highly regarded in England, Western Europe and, more recently, North America.



  • Wow! I love being a human identity! it’s such a beautiful expression of life. Poor Tony is missing out! Who cares if theres nothing happening -chill out mate!

  • not true… there is thinking, and there is not thinking… does a baby think i am going to say “mama”? no it just does.
    the mind is good for figuring out and planning but we’ve learned to use the mind for everything else humans do which doesn’t serve us very well because of how the mind works with fear and neurosis.
    we are misled that we are what we think or we are our minds… we are much more than what we think we are…
    try listening to what you are not actively thinking and you will see.

  • I accidentally deleted my previous post. Problem here is you confuse the mind with the thinking process. Neo-Advaitans always do. Traditional Vedanta doesn’t. The mind is so much more than mere thought. What I’m saying is you’re asking Rick to give up his mind when a mind is in fact exactly what is required if he is to understand Tony’s speech. Without a mind Rick would only hear meaningless sound, like a person who hasn’t learnt language yet, or a cat. Stop simplifying complex phenomena.

  • This interview can be summed up like this:

    Tony: “I went to the grocery store today.”
    Rick: “What did you get?”
    Tony: “There’s no one to get anything!!! You’re deluded, just like the Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, and everyone else who preceded the apparent Tony were. I’m not here but they obviously were!”

    Thank you Tony for your excellent demonstration of the utter insanity of jumping between (scientifically recognized) completely different levels of reality at the most inappropriate times.

  • What i don`t like is that he says that everything is perfect as it is but also emphasise on contracted energy and energetic shift. It makes me think that i am not free enough until energetic shift happen, that with it would be better and now it`s not quite good.

  • From Wikipedia: “Psychopaths possess a general lack of empathy. It includes deficiencies in comprehension and appreciation of others’ experiences and motivations, lack of tolerance of differing perspectives and diminished understanding of the effects of own behavior on others. At an extreme they are simply unable to understand the emotional states of other people, except in a purely detached, intellectual sense.”

  • The interviewer isn’t grasping the idea that there is nobody that realization happens to. I think he thinks he understand it and that’s why he brushes it off quickly when Tony says it. There is nobody that realization happens to because there is nobody period. No matter what story, circumstance, analogy or logic you give it, it doesn’t matter. If there isn’t anybody to receive then why would any example matter? Try looking at the idea that there is nobody from another perspective maybe. idk

  • Your response suggests that enormous frustration is arising about the message presented here, resulting in a need for hostility. Tony Parsons is extraordinarily refreshing, and almost unique, simply because his message is so simple – to the point of appearing downright absurd. But do persevere because what he says is utterly correct, and in line with anything said by Ramana, Nisargadatta, Mooji or whoever else…

  • That is why masters in zen tradition were always saying if you meet Buddha on your way kill him. The dropping of the identity of the seeker has to take place. This is one of the most difficult things for people. Once that has taken place all scriptures and sayings are useless. Why one does need a boat once the river is crossed.

  • Yeah hes great IMO, i love listening to him but i cant say ive followed his practices as of yet with the kriyas etc, personally i gave up on any practice after much despair and i gave up on my life which strangely led me to a state of peace and bliss, although at the time my family thought i was depressed, now i feel lost again, eternally lost it seems, but maybe im just playing games again ; ) thanks for the vid : )

  • Rick, this was an amazing interview in so many ways…your second quote of his writing just made me laugh so much. I enjoyed it the “play” of it. How to put oneness into words. I don’t agree with totally with Tony Parson’s way of expression, but I felt resonance but he is who he is uniquely beautiful. I never agree when teachers put themselves as the ultimate teaching, saying there is no better teaching, criticizing other teachers who are actually very clear. I like him other than that.

  • Don’t get fooled by mere theroritical entertainment. Unless there is a permanant radical inner tranformation of the Heart, one still wallows in ignorance and illusion. The brain might tell you all is well but that aint Realization of one’s true Self within. I am not saying Tony has not had this transformation but those who merely read his books or just listen to him are simply fooling themselves. Be honest with yourselves and don’t just assume that nothing has to has to change within you.

  • Well said Lehmann. Can’t agree with you more. Its like telling people with schizoprenia that they are perfect as they are and thay have nothing to worry about.

  • yeah, these non-dual fundamentalists don’t exude love or compassion, so its not for me. they are wanna-be theoretical physicists but they don’t have the intelligence to do it properly so they go and hang around spiritual people in order to feel superior about having some kind of pseudo knowledge denied to the rest of us. throughout this interview this parsons guy repeatedly becomes annoyed when his doctrine is questioned. the whole thing is some of kind of ego trip masked as universal wisdom.

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