Discover the spectacular events that shaped the world – as if you were there. Time-lapse photography techniques are combined with cutting-edge graphics to condense millions of years into seconds, bringing the incredible history of Earth vividly to life. In ‘The World Shaped by Time’, viewers witness the unseen forces that shape the great landscapes on our planet as only exposed by manipulating time. ‘The Race Against Time’ tells the story of how life is shaped by the natural rhythms of day, months and years.

And in ‘Masters of Time’, the mystery of how we, as people, experience time is unravelled. Life is in a race against Time to survive: from the time of birth to death. Every living thing has to cram in growing up, feeding and reproducing throughout its lifetime. Caught in the cycle of sun and the moon, life adapts as a slave to these clock. From jellyfish that commute in their thousands to soldier crabs that march back and forth on a beach, they all move to the celestial timepiece of the planets.

Whether it is daily opening of a flower’s petals or the evolution of the hummingbird over thousands of years, life operates on many different time-scales. We explore how caribou struggle over thousands of kilometres in their race against the dramatically changing seasons. By playing with Time, we will distort your perception to reveal some of life’s incredible strategies to global changes. But can anything conquer time and live forever — is there a secret to eternal life


  • not necessary as it focuses on time (time controls the world around us.) Think of yourself as a living thing. We want to live longer and this is about how scientists are looking for the key to a longer life as we all have strong survival instincts. We learn to adapt and sometimes we help each other to survive 🙂

  • Hear me out.
    When I record music into a DAW, as the Creator I can look at the screen and simultaneously see the past, present, and future parts of a song. Although as the Listener, my ears can only hear the sound of music that is presently being played and are unable to experience the past or future parts, even though the all information presently exist.

    Has “God” or the “Creator” composed an infinite song and are we’re just “Listeners” experincing life in that same linear fashion?
    Make sense?

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