Guru Swami-G was born March 24, 1950 and started the search to find God and Truth at a young age. Her journey began in earnest when at the age of 18 while within an esoteric order Kundalini was awakened during the evening prayers blessings.

The ongoing journey took numerous twists and turns through everything from new age philosophies — scientology – deep bible study — through a very eclectic scenic unfolding. Life brought visiting Navaho medicine men for ceremonial undertakings to being one of the first initiates receiving the kalichakra buddhist empowerments in the west. The name given within the buddhist traditions is Karma Sonam Wangmo which means one that dedicates all their actions to the good of humanity. There has been an immersion into not only Buddhist but also hindu traditions such as Bhakti (ISKON) — Tantra — Naga Shaivite and finally the Reality of Advaita.

It was a 30 plus year journey from Kundalini Awakening until all imploded under the Guidance and direction of her Sat Guru in india. Guru-G was given the admonition and challenge to go forward as a Guru to aide humanity. As a Kundalini Shaktipat Guru it is imperative to understand the workings of the mind, how to bring balance to kundalini and how to move one forward from fear and phenomena to Realization and liberation. There is much more to being a Shaktipat Guru than simply awakening Kundalini and the way is working one to one so the seekers may go fully forward to Liberation versus teaching how to manifest and be even more caught up in the transient.

Guru-G stresses a path that is within the fullness of life i.e.:since you have to breathe, do it in a way to bring balance. The path is about walking the way of Simplicity — Honesty — Integrity and Transparency. Surrendering into the transmission during Darshan.

Guru-G has two books currently out Kundalini from Hell to Heaven and also Truth Unbound authors name is listed as Ganga Karmokar.


  • Beautiful Interview Rick….I just want to thank you for the wonderful service you give through these interviews which enables us to have access to so many on the pathless path today.I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Swami G’s story. Her absent presence is pure grace Itself. Loving blessings.

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