I’m not talking about the change as one get’s older. I’m talking about the seemingly random shift of dominant eye color as well as obvious iridescence. I know the iris is naturally iridescent, but it’s not always noticeable. Mine change all the time. The shift goes from brown, to green, to hazel, sometimes grayish bluish green, and sometimes there’s reds and yellows mixed in there along with whatever color decides to be dominant at the time. Other times my eye color is very non-human (feline, canine, etc). My usual, official color is brown. Anyone know of any type of spiritual significance to it? And if you’re not all that spiritual or interested in metaphysics, do you know of a biological explanation? I’m interested. Really. And it’s really cool to watch.


  • My eyes are navy blue they change naturally to light and dark shade of blue. But they also change to a very light brown no blue or anything like a straight caramel very clearly i find this crazy is it my psychic awareness or an entity im intrigued yet fearful

  • Love that you posted this.I am a SpiritWalker- similar to a Psychic Medium.Your eyes changing colors often happens with Channeling energies from different realms.Often times my eyes will turn Blue with a white center when connecting to the Angel Realm, and Green when connecting with Fae energy.My eyes are brown.Like coffee with light cream.At first i wasn’t aware of it- till a friend was watching me do a reading and commented on it.I didn’t believe her at first- then caught it on camera- was interesting but scary.But my teachers helped me understand this is part of channeling on deeper levels.Doing some meditations and the use of gemstones might be aidful in understanding and developing this gift.You may have strong empathic abilities and the eye color changes – well are common among gifted. Hit me up on facebook and there are many groups where Gifteds work together to develop their gifts.and understand them.

    Edyn Toussainte

    • Hi Edyn, I don’t have Facebook but would appreciate some form of reply, preferably my email – Nathanwindon@** … I have been awake for years. So much has happened in my life and I would love some advice on a few details. My Birthdate contains 11, 22 and 33 in some form or another; born 24 – 11 – 87; @ 7.22 – 7.23pm adding to 33 if you add each digit, with a 2022/6 path number that is apparently an Angel number?.. Eyes are a predominant blend of yellow/gold with a grey outer ring that contains green with brown blotches and swirls all over; I never took notice till my friend mentioned about them to me today. My Vedic chart also tells me I need to see someone and that this is possibly my last life here? I feel like a rambling fool, discussing this openly but this is a reach for you to hear my story.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s eye color changes. When I was younger my eyes shifted between green and blue at random it seemed. My eyes still change color like this but now there’s always grey around my pupils

    • When I was younger,I looked in the mirror and I noticed that my eye color was no longer dark brown but a golden yellow and they were bigger than normal. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I felt at peace. And when I came to my mid-teens, Whenever i grew sad ,my eyes would be the same but with a royal blue as if they were just shaded in. Any answers on this?

  • It was nice to see a post about this. Two years ago while going through some very intense changes in my life that included spiritual phenomenon of various kinds like precognitive dreams, overwhelming empathy and simply knowing things I shouldn’t have, I experienced this:
    I’d gotten up in the morning to clean up (hygiene routine). I finished washing my face and brushing my teeth. I began brushing my hair when I noticed that my eyes were suddenly a bright red. It was intense but I managed somehow to stay calm. I got closer to the mirror and blinked a few times and sure enough I wasn’t hallucinating…at least I still hoped I wasn’t. The color faded. I put the experience away as “being under stress” and continued with my day. Two weeks later a friend of mine flew in to visit and we were eating at a restaurant when she suddenly dropped her fork and stared at me. “Hey, your eyes are red what is that?!” I couldn’t help but feel relieved and joked that my inner phoenix was burning a little hot lately. It faded. Since then I’ve attempted the shift intentionally. I notice that if you project the idea that it is a new contact color that people are more likely to see them. I guessed that the reason my friend was able to pick it up so easily is that we worked together a lot spiritually speaking. My results with intentionally causing this kind of color shift usually causes people to just look at me a little closer and then decide that it must have been their imagination. A person more recently said to me: “Your eyes are…wait.. maybe I was just thinking they looked a little irritated.” For whatever its worth. -Ceru

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