Sonia Tully – from her website http “I’m Sonia Tully and I am a fourth generation psychic astrologer and was born into a family of mystics and healers. I have trained to do psychic astrology readings with my mother, Sonia Choquette, who is a revolutionary psychic, New York Times best selling author and teacher. An astrology reading with me begins on a soul level. Through examining your chart structure and planetary placement, I use my intuition to guide you through life’s many lessons. After we explore your soul lessons, gifts and life’s purpose, I will be able to answer any questions you have about your chart of where you are going in your life. A reading with me will provide insight into any obstacles you may be experiencing and help you explore your soul plan and soul history in this life. Personal readings are wonderful for anyone who wants to spark their creativity or gain insight into their life, relationships, or soul’s purpose. All of my readings are done by phone. Book your personal astrology reading now by email!”

(sorry for the background sound) Video recorded in Starbucks London Leicester Square because of bad weather.. – email


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