last night was really scary. i went to sleep and around 4:30am my brain woke up and my eyes opened wide awake. my body became extremely heavy as if something or someone was holding me down, and then i saw this object appear in front my face, of a girl with blonde curls, the image lasted for about 50 seconds. and the pain/pressure lasted nearly two-three minutes. i got really freaked out and started cursing and it just got worse, the pressure was so bad my eyes started to water. the more i cursed or said god, it just got worse. what does this mean?

what i heard:
i heard that it means your spirit has exited your body and is floating around the room carelessly so you can’t feel your body and you become paralyzed. but that doesn’t explain the pressure. or the image in front of my face.

I KNOW I WASN”T DREAMING BTW. my friends have had the same experience. and no one was home with me when this happened. my friends have felt the pressure but not seen a image.

i don’t want it to happen again! 🙁
what the hell should i do?





  • I have just been told that we have a special sight. This feeling of not being able to wake up only happens to a few . I was told this today . Science says its stress or lack of sleep . This happened to me all through my childhood. When I begin to loose my i innocence it started to happen less frequently. I’m 38 now and 80% of stuff that used to happen has stopped. With the sleep thing , I never heard static , I never saw people , people where home and sometimes not . There was no particular time or room that I was in . The only thing I experienced was knowing that I was sleep and not being able to move . My eyes would flutter while I struggled to wake but I would be completely numb . My breath was hard to manage and I would become scared that I wasn’t breathing. When I would finally thro my body to the side or get out of position , I would finally open my eyes . I would cry and sit up afterwards . I would not go back to sleep until I was taken by it ! My stepdad would tell me that a witch is riding my back and in my early years I asked him ” how did she get in past all the others ” ?
    When I saw shadows and heard noises , it was not while I was asleep

    • Wow Witch jumped on me so damn hard 2 nights ago I said to myself this Bitch finna kill me! I shook, moaned, yelled, and swung! That Bitch took off then came back again 3 minutes later after I dosed off and I repeatedly did the same till she, he, it, or they FINALLY quit. Happens ALL THE TIME!

      • I have the same problem..but I can actually see just happened to me at 1:54am.. it’s been happening every night to me I have seen it with my eyes…it is not sleep paralysis..this is a real live evil spirit… It has the cloth over it had as a nun the face is a pale gray the eyes on electric blue and the face is kinda long droopy it’s a real older face it has purple royal blue cloth hanging down from it I seen the face with my own eyes..when I look at it jumps off of me… please contact me back…

    • I swore, that ezactly what you just described only happened to me. This too happened mostly when i was a child. I came across this today because I suffer from anxiety(13 years) I’m now (38 years old) and it’s gotten worse. I’ve never taken meds however I’m in an anxiety support group on Facebook and 1 of the members said he astral projects. And it reminded me of what use to happen to me in my sleep (without the whjole traveling experience though) however, o started to search relative things of that nature. And then remembered someone at some point in time called it witch riding and searched the term only to come across this. I thought i was alone.
      My question is do you or anyone else whos had tjis experience now experience or have anxiety disorder as an adult?…. Thank you

  • Ok guys I have the best solution for you guys I had a past experience with the Same situation here’s what you do
    * open up a bible to psalms 23 keep it open in the bedroom where ever you sleep for good !

    * get some healing ole and put a cross on every door in your house/apartment

    If this happen again keep saying “in the name of Jesus in your head over and over

    You would not have any problems if you do these things

    • I sleep with a Bible open on the bed with me and it still happens…I pray before I go to sleep and it still happens…I have seen it with my own eyes… it’s very real…it is not sleep paralysis…I promise…

  • For years it would happen to me (with the static sound and all) but for the past two years, it only happened maybe a once or twice. A few times when I moved to another state, I would hear conversations. It was weird. But not anymore. I always wondered what they were all about..

    • I do the same thing. I may not verbally be able to speak the name of Jesus right off the bat, but I keep repeating it in my head until I can verbally say HIS name!!

  • The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago and it happened again this morning. I felt as if I was in a coma or something. Before it happened I heard someone call my name. The harder I tried to get up the harder the force got. I too was home alone when this situation occurred.

  • I have had this happen my whole life I’m 38yo ..ovrr the years it has changef slightly, I’ve come out of it sometime with marks and pain harm was being inflicted in the paralyzed state. As I have gotten older I have felt like I have had seizures. Dose anyone eles get the extream sounds of static that drownds out all real world sounds just before?

    • Happened to me in prison almost nightly. We are electrostatic beings and are supposed to pickup frequencies these beings know how to pervert it. The are usually stealing psychic energy with your fear. Guaranteed remedy: Download the audio bible app to your phone. Set it to St.John and hit repeat. As long as it plays all nite while you sleep nothing can harm you. Use St. John as it is filled with references to the name Jesus which they hate and fear above all. Learned this in prison and believe me it was plenty of evil shit floating around that place when the lights went out. Also get to know Jesus if you are going to use his protections.

  • My mother inlaw was in bed one night she wasn’t asleep but she had her eyes closed she opened her eyes and saw 2 witchy looking women standing there in old raggedy clothes with bushy dark greayish black hair and one women silently said too the other woman shes not ready yet she then closed her eyes back because she was afraid and when she opened them back they were gone can anyone please give me some thoughts about what you guys make think this was???

  • I’ve experienced this in the past. This is the first one in year’s. I’ll give you the short version. My daughter, sister, and niece were in a room and my grandma was laying there asking for my grandfather. Both of them.are deceased. She was calling for him to touch her in appropriately and he was dead. Anyway, my daughter and I were freaked. My sister and niece came in the room. My daughter asked “what’s that?” It was a dark moving cloud in the upper corner of the room and it was in the form of a witch on a broom. I tried to say “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” 3 time’s but I couldn’t speak until the third time. She didn’t ride me but she took form in the same manner as to paralyze me. My first experience I was literally pinned down and couldn’t move. I was screaming and couldn’t hear myself. I woke up inside of my dream and still couldn’t speak until it finally subsided. I don’t like that feeling of helplessness at all. I immediately went into prayer. The devil is trying to attack me. I’m prepared with prayer to fight back.

  • This shit happens to me as well. I never see anybody but it sure as hell feels like someone is about to come for you when you cant even a muscle not even your eyelid but you know you are awake. my key is praying and/or yelling until i wake up for real. sometimes it can last for much longer than you want. this is a good time to try astral projection. a couple nights ago i had it happen to me 6 times.

  • I’ve had a witch “ride” me also. it’s like you’re paralyzed and trying to fight this thing off of you. I’ve told it to get off and it laughed at me. Then i start praying, saying the Our Father prayer and it releases me. My mom told me to put a fork under the side of the bed that I sleep on with the tines pointed up. Really works! Whatever they are, they also affect animals. My mom said they had horses and sometimes at night they could hear their horses making noise as if something was bothering them. When they’d wake in the morning, their horse’s tails were all knotted up. I knew there had to be other people out there that experienced this. I think sometimes my husband thought I was crazy. Try the fork “remedy”, it helped me alot.

  • – Yes , the same has happened tew me this morning around 4;15 ii was awakened tew the “witch” im now 18 and this has happened tew me about 8 times since ii was 15 , ii always wondered why it only comes in the middle of the night or half day with no light why ii dosent come in the middle of the day during naps or anything ??? it is very scary but ii jux pray ! “yes” cursing makes it worse ii have cursed ad the “witch” many times it comes bk each time even harder ! as far as images ii really dont see anything , but ii have seen a figure once so ii believe it get yu from anywhere close or far !

  • I was taken from my bed and dragged down the hall… i could not talk or mom was sleep… i opened my eyes and seen a woman in black….she was with 2 other women… they was laughing…

    • I’ve heard the term,”a witch laying on you” and usually its your body is really tired, I was at the lake with my best friend when I was a junior in high school my friend and I decided to swim across the lake which was about 3/4 of a mile across almost half way across I started to notice my friend dave wasn’t swiming so much but treading water I then said let’s go back and dave agreed no sooner then when we turned around did I notice he was having trouble staying afloat he had the look of death in his eyes I’ll never forget, I went over to him and he paniced and tried to use me as a floatation device so I swam deep beside him to get away then I swam like hell to shore and saw a paddle boat the kind that seats two and you use your feet to peddle the boat foward I grabed it and started toward dave who was bearly staying afloat the water was above his nose and below his eyes and he was making bubbles and that look of terror in his eyes I’ll never get out of my mind when I got to him he was losing his battle for his life and had sunk about two feet below the surface I plunged my hand in the water and was able to grab just the top of his head then yanked him to the side of the boat he couldn’t even get in the boat because of exaustion he told me his limbs were burning and felt like they were made of lead anyways we went home and started watching tv then we both nodded off then it happened I felt consious but I couldn’t move a muscle I tried really really hard to move but couldn’t so I started moaning which was also tough and it woke dave who then woke me I said dave thank you for waking me all I could do was moan he said me too that if it hadn’t been for my moaning that he would’ve never woke either he called it “a witch laying on him

  • I use to hear people talking about witchies riding there back i never thought it wouldnt happen to me i was 35 years old when it happen me and my husband had just bought a house i was under alot of stress with my marriage .Every night i went to bed something would get on my bed it felt so real it happened everynight i use to dream that i saw short men that look like demons they use to get on me hold me down and make scary nosies in my ear i was paralyzed i started saying the lords paryer really fast thats one thing help me .And i prayed andask my dead grandma to help me if she can hear me and u wouldn’t believe this but every time demon came to ride my back she some would appear in my sleep and scarm my name out are she would make a make a nocking sound in my room it use to wake me and i started praying hard and the demons and witchies us to stop im 39 now and i say the lords prayer every night and i now thats what keeps them away from me.

  • Lord this would give me a heart attack but this happen to me this am at about 6are 7am I didn’t see anything but I was grunting trying to call my friend in the other room I’m so scared to go to sleep now seeing this video ain’t nobody got time for this

  • I always experience this, one night I was sleeping in my living room on the couch & I tried to wake up but I couldn’t & it was like a black shadow standing in front of me, I kept closing my eyes & opening them again but it was still there.. I closed my eyes & started praying & it was goin when I opened them, same thing just happened to me tonight that’s why I’m up now.. I hear footsteps in my house all the time & the sound of my door locking! I don’t know what to do besides pray because I know god will protect me! I’m also a little frightened!

  • it happens to me as well. not severe as others but my solution works. i call out jesus’ name three times. i have to try my hardest to speak and somtimes i stutter it and have to fight to even say it but i always awake as soon as i say it. i don’t feel an evil spirit or nothing or at least i don’t think i do but it is a little scary. i don’t have it alot. really i’ve experienced it like three times but i still worry if something wrong with me though or if i really have demons around me or something. i doubt it though.

  • Happens to me all the time. Ivd floated across the room (at least it felt like it) a nurse came in and took my baby and i was watching the whole tging and couldnt move, ive felt like i was sitting up and then a demon enters my body, really scary!! Fot me, it works when i try to talk in the dream and i usually wake up right away once the words are spoken out loud.

  • Well, the medical opinion is this:

    However the first time it happened to me (I was 16, I’m now 32) I saw a demon before I was even aware that I was paralyzed. This doesn’t “jive” with their explanation of why people have visions during sleep paralysis. And I find it odd also that afterwards the same demon appeared to me night after night. I barely slept for months because I was afraid to go to sleep.

    I told someone else about it and he shrugged it off but it is scary! I have no idea how to stop it but you’re not alone. Every time it has happened to me I’ve been under a great deal of stress. Like, I’m on this website right now at 3:30 am because the witch was riding my back from about 2:45 – 3:05 and now I’m afraid to go back to sleep. And currently I’m trying to buy a house, in a new city across the country I moved to last week, and I’m homeless right now, living in motels and my car. It hit me before when I was stressed about college and also when I was withdrawing from a meth addiction. I would say stress is a big part of it because it lowers your body resistance to negative forces.

    Has anyone else noticed that sometimes you ARE able to speak? Not really speak but grunt, or try to scream and little squeaks come out of your throat? Even though according to the professionals our vocal cords are also paralyzed? I was able to speak tonight by trying to scream out “enough already! stop it!”. It certainly wasn’t anything like normal speaking but stil…

  • i woke up around 7:00or7:30am as i was going to get up it felt like something was on my back and i couldn’t speak or move so im just scared out of my mind i thought i was dead then i saw this black figure and after i saw that i picked up enough strength to try to say something but when i did it’s like it new i was trying to say something and it said shhh and made me go back to sleep after that it happened again

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