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‘sleep paralysis/the witch riding your back’ is haunting me?

last night was really scary. i went to sleep and around 4:30am my brain woke up and my eyes opened wide awake. my body became extremely heavy as if something or someone was holding me down, and then i saw this object appear in front my face, of a girl with blonde curls, the image lasted for about 50 seconds. and the pain/pressure lasted nearly two-three minutes. i got really freaked out and started cursing and it just got worse, the pressure was so bad my eyes started to water. the more i cursed or said god, it just got worse. what does this mean?

what i heard:
i heard that it means your spirit has exited your body and is floating around the room carelessly so you can’t feel your body and you become paralyzed. but that doesn’t explain the pressure. or the image in front of my face.

I KNOW I WASN”T DREAMING BTW. my friends have had the same experience. and no one was home with me when this happened. my friends have felt the pressure but not seen a image.

i don’t want it to happen again! :(
what the hell should i do?


  • The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago and it happened again this morning. I felt as if I was in a coma or something. Before it happened I heard someone call my name. The harder I tried to get up the harder the force got. I too was home alone when this situation occurred.

  • I have had this happen my whole life I’m 38yo ..ovrr the years it has changef slightly, I’ve come out of it sometime with marks and pain harm was being inflicted in the paralyzed state. As I have gotten older I have felt like I have had seizures. Dose anyone eles get the extream sounds of static that drownds out all real world sounds just before?

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