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Reiki Symbol: Tam A Ra Sha?

Out of curiosity, a friend showed me a Reiki symbol she recently started using. The symbol is called “Tam A Ra Sha,” and looks like a circle with three straight lines which more or less divide the circle into thirds and a horizontal line with curved ends at either side through in the middle.

I can’t find much about it on the internet… The pages I do find all say the same things: the symbol is for balancing or grounding energy and is for relieving pain. My opinion on the symbol is that it doesn’t appear to do anything which the other traditional Usui symbols don’t already do.

All arguments about the actual efficacy of the symbol aside, what I’m interested in is the history of this symbol. How old is it? Where did it come from? Who first began using it? When did it first appear in contemporary awareness? What styles or schools of Reiki traditionally use this symbol?

I can’t find anything about the actual history of the symbol, so if anybody could help me out with that, I’d be really grateful. Thanks!


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