How we read each other’s minds

Sensing the motives and feelings of others is a natural talent for humans. But how do we do it? Here, Rebecca Saxe shares fascinating lab work that uncovers how the brain thinks about other peoples’ thoughts and judges their actions.


  • That’s highly unlikely, as at such a young age, children are mostly controlled by their Id and are statistically and scientifically proven to be self-centric. There might be some, but the numbers would be very uneven, favoring the sefl-centric children.

  • Wow. 350 comments and MOST of them have nothing to do with the topic. Funny stuff.

    Interesting topic for sure though.

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  • i think just having 1 kid represent an entire age is too small of a test group. i think they shouldve tested 5 3 year old n 5 5year olds.

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  • What puzzles me is how magnetic pulses have any effect at all. What does it manipulate, iron content in the blood..? Some kind of electric current flow…?

    Now I have to wonder if MRI’s are possibly causing damage of some sort.

  • was changing the neurons in a small part of the brain.

    do more research, if you’re paranoid than you don’t know enough. read up.

  • I wonder if some people in some parts of the world are subject to an education and upbringing process that freezes their development and keeps their moral brain stuck bellow age 5 and therefore their humanity remains out of reach!! How otherwise people in power in Iran can subject the peaceful, loving and noble Baha’i community to such inhumanity and cruelty?

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  • changing… nope, stimulating… yes. Paranoid… don’t assume. Think of what we used to expose ourselves to, only later to be revealed toxic, harmful etc… But so far not. Paranoid is unreasonable cause for concearn, caution is just being aware of possibilities. Think in terms of inflamation which is now highly associated with cancers. Then do yoursel a favor and check out Berzynski’s antineoplastons. Thank me later.

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