I’ve been thinking of buying this Chihuahua-Jack Russell Mix puppy (some calls it Jackhuahua or Jack-Chi). Can any owner of this breed provide me with some information as to temperament, behavioral traits, size, life expectancy, etc?

His father is a Chihuahua and mother is a Jack Russell. Owner tells me the full grown dog can is about 7lbs but from what I know they are about 12 to 15 lbs. This pup has dirty white coat and with green/gray eyes.

Also, is there a dominant part to this breed if dad is a JRT or a Chi? And does any owner have pictures of the breed — Father Chi, Mother JRT; versus Father JRT, Mother Chi. And pictures of the breed as a pup and a grown up?

I used to have a Chihuahua and he was such a good dog, he never barks, and is low maintenance. I hear that this breed is HIGH in energy — apparently that’s a given… true?

I hope I can get some quality answers from owners of such breed before I make this big step. Thanks a bunch!


  • I got my Jack-Chi when he was 8 weeks old. I was told that he was a Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix, but as he grew, his markings, his coat and his temperament all screamed Jack-Chi. There are days where I am too ill to leave my apartment, and so, I started “potty training” him right away. I have a large bathroom and use a reusable water proof chuck for him to go potty on. He pees on that pad, but anyplace across that bathroom threshold is fair game for pooping! lol. He does not over eat, he is highly energetic, but also is hedonistic when it comes to sleeping, snuggling and burrowing under the blankets. If it’s soft and warm, it’s a bed. I allow dry food down for him and his feline brother, but they both get a home cooked high protein meal once a day. He also likes raw carrots and raw cabbage. He loves children and is extremely careful around them…however, if a toddler gets rambunctious with him, he can be overly playful if stimulated too much, so he is watched around toddlers. With all people, young and old alike, he gets very playful. Sometimes when he and I play, I have to remind him to calm down and “be nice” because his play nips can get hard. But, I’ve had him for 18 months and not once has he nipped or bitten a child, even in play. He loves cats and he loves playing with his feline brother and he is gentle with him. Again, every so often I have to remind him to “be nice”. He never gets mad or aggressive with intent to harm…but can get over excited when he plays. He is the most loving and adorable dog I’ve ever had. He does get to barking sometimes when he hears a noise outside that sounds like a car in the drive, or someone knocking on the door….however, after a “look” from Mom and a gentle reminder to use his “words”, he then grumbles instead of barks. He and I actually grumble like that, back and forth sometimes….we have conversations. I don’t understand what he is saying, but he can get a smart mouth attitude about it! The funniest thing he does is chases bee’s, but my word, let a butterfly appear as if it is flying towards him and he comes running to Mommy as if a fleet of alien feline kung foo fighters are chasing him! The best thing about him is his facial expressions. He has several. One is where he will start pawing at me to get my attention, but when I look at him, he looks away as if it wasn’t him…he learned that from the way I play with him. Makes me laugh every time. He can get sad or whiney and you can tell by his face….but the best is when he is excited or happy…. he gets a smile on his face….his nickname is “happy face”….anyway…. best dog ever!

  • My Jack chi is 7 months old and i love her! We had a full blood lab and she died at 12 yrs old but let me tell you our jack chi is way way Smarter than our lab was. Easy to potty train. She plays fetch like a pro. She sits, shakes and listens. She is full of energy but it’s tolerable. She loves to sit on your lap. We had to teach her early that she would be left alone a few hours a day so she didn’t develop separation anxiety like most small breeds. She likes to chew but spraying cords, blinds etc with vinegar helped that. She’s an absolutely wonderful dog. Bigger dogs get frustrated with her because she loves to play and jump on them. But she’s also smarter than them too. She is our first small lap dog and i wish i would have always got a small dog instead of the big full breeds. Never again. Our Jack chi is wonderful!!

  • I am buying a Jackhua or Jack-Chi in January, I want him for a friend for my Jack Russell, sadly my other dog past away in July, I had never heard of this breed, but he is so adorable, my dog will love him, he’s going to a wonderful loving home, calling him Bailey.

  • Hii just recently bout a jackchi the owner lied and told me she was a chihuahua looks mostly like the chihuahua but mixed with jrt so i dont no wat i realy have so dissatisfied can anyone tell me if she will stay small or get huge lord knows i do not want a big dog please help before she gets to big

  • My jackchi I very very hyper active. Very picky with food. Water has to be fresh. He loves to chew and o mean chew on everything. He loves the ourdoors and love to run. They aren’t hard potty training as long as you remember to take them out twice a day at minimum.

  • I have a Jackhuahua (mother JRT / father Chi), she is tiny but as a BIG personality ! She is 5 month old so she wants to play all the time and does need a good (very good!) run everyday to get her a bit tired (high energy indeed just like JRT). She is super smart but as just with any puppies sometimes doesn’t listen.
    She loves everyones, kids, adults, dog, cats, birds ..always wants to play with everyone she is meeting and wanting to say ‘hi’ and to give kisses.
    She never barks or cry – unless if I leave..

    She is my first small dog and I was at first a little bit dubious at first but I have no regrets at all since then!

  • I think mine is a jack chi mix, definitely the chi part. He looks like a mini Pitty actually. Highly energy, willful, loving. I had him professionally trained and socialized so he loves other pets cat or dogs etc. He doesn’t even try to catch reptiles or frogs. Flies are his nemesis though. These dogs need to be trained and they need exercise daily or they will get really inventive in your house!! They listen with food. You need to be the boss and correct them firmly. They need your attention because they want to be doing something fun with your or a companion. They’re very smart, mine knows how to answer my iPhone and I didn’t teach him that.

  • I just recently lost my 4 year old jack chi. She was the best dog I ever had. She had a good mix of traits from each breed. She was mainly calm, but would occasionally get to where she wanted to run aND play. She was super smart, but had moments where she just didn’t want to listen. She wasn’t scared of anything except thunder. I had to watch her because she would chase larger dogs. I told my fiance that when we do get another dog I want another jack chi.

  • I have a beautiful russel/chi mix that is marked like a JR. She is going out of her first heat and refuses to listen to commands that she has known for 7 month’s. She is 10 months old and at the end of he first heat. I caught her with a BIG Brindle Bulldog twice already and am scared that she may have been bred. What should I do. I am scared she will die if she has been bred with such a big dog. Although, a couple of puppies wouldn’t be so bad, for family members. If you or anyone can give me advice I sure would appreciate it. Marybeth

  • A 10 month old Jack Chi female followed me home in April 2014. She fast became a member of the family and my wife adores her.
    She is very protective of me but loves my wife and looks at as the food lady. She makes some interesting sounds like crying of a baby or mewing. She is a very good watchdog and is not a yapper at all.
    Loves to play fetch and will chase any fly, bug or critter that moves.
    A pet psychologist said “the best pet is the pet that finds you” I truly believe that as she is the best dog we have had

  • I have jack/chi and I am so happy he has come into my life! We rehomed him when he was 6 months old and can be very timid until he gets to know you. Once he knows who you are then he’s your best friend! He’s very protective of me and will bark when large men try to stroke him, however he won’t bite and ia just scared. He is getting better with strangers however men still scare him. He is brilliant with children and loves to play and cuddle up too. He’s definitely a little character and very cheeky!!

    • I have a jack Chi and she is overall an amazing dog! I got her as a 3 year old dog and now she is 6! She is very calm and loves belly rubs! She is very affectionate! Not too big and not too small but the perfect size! She is supposed to be 12 pounds but she is like 5 pounds overweight (17) which is ok! Just keeping her healthy and going on walks is perfect! Toys and sleeping is favorite, mostly sleeping for my dog! Eating is also a favorite! Also they are very smart and can learn tricks very fast! My dog Teacup is better than anything I could ask for, I love her with all my heart and she is just so amazing!

      If you want to follow her on Instagram you can! @teacup_the_adorable_dog
      Hope this helped!

  • Rapid fire dosen know what he/she is talking about i had a jackchi she was the most loyal and friendly dog you could wish for, everyone who saw her fell in love with her at first sight she was very quite and a fussy eater.

    • My jackchi is very timid and extremely clingy to me but at same time if am away will happily stay himself without any noise or fuss and will stay with any family member, he listens very well and trained himself! Very intelligent dogs and mine loves his 3 cats and his rottie brother (the jack chi is the pack leader ) . The only downfall I find is they are quite picky eaters , mine likes fresh meat instead of dog meat but may just be him and he likes to bark at noises bit all u have to say is his name and he stops. The minute u look at my doggie he rolls over and wants belly rubbed, loves sleeping next to tumble dryer and he loves sleeping cuddled up to me I’m bed. Mine is fully grown at 6lbs! His mum a jack and dad a chihuahua . Extremely easy to look after . Would recommend these dogs to anyone

  • My family and I have been searching for a jack chi, very hard dog to find any tips?? None at any of the local rescues. Would love to adopt a puppy 🙂

  • I have two same mothe jack Russell dad chihuahua they are brother and sister sister looks like a jack Russell has characteristics of a chihuahua the other one the other way around the male one who looks like a chihuahua deff thinks he is a big dog in a small dogs body very protective but incredibly loving I would deff recommended getting one you won’t regret it x

  • I have a 3 year old called princess and she lives to her name she likes to be pampered and shes a jack russell x chihuahua im pretty sure her dad was a jack russell and her mother was probley a chihuahua shes tan and white and she is just full of energy and she is soo protective of me and my family she hates people walking past because she thinks they are on our property. She can be fussy on her food so i try to change her food every few months. I got her from a pet shop and she now ways 3.5 kgs at 3 years old the reason she is so small is because she just has so much energy. She barks alot but i’m still teaching her to try and stop but i think she is just so protective. But the good thing about her is shes loyal, loving, caring, knows when im upset and she tries to comfort me by kissing me and laying down with me, shes sweet and knows how to put a smile on my face and i thank god every day i found her shes my other half as they say. They are a good breed and shes good with children.

  • i have just got a jack x chihuahua (rescued) he has the head shape and eyes of a chihuahua the nose and body of a jack. he is around 14 weeks now according to the vet and weighs 2.4kg he is probably the average size of a 14 week jack, he is adorable a little bundle of fun. paper trained at the mo as his due his 2nd jab in a few days then he can go out. only had him a little over a week and i love him soooo much! not sure how big he will become as not sure what his parents are like as far as i am aware mum is a standered chi and dad is poss a jack x chi or just a jack. So glad i can give him a better life than he was destined for. he loves my 2 children aged 5 & 7 and my staffie has taken him under her wing 🙂 best thing i ever did!!

  • I have JackChi, mines quite cheeky, in a sweet way, and he was very easy to train an toilet train, he’s got tons of energy and he’s very protective of me, my family and his things, so he isn’t fond of the postman! Don’t listen to what people say, he’s still an animal that just needs a happy home and some love, no matter what his breed. On tempermant, mines timid, like his Chihuahua side, but if someone comes round, look out! As for weight, he got weighed a couple months back and was around 5lbs, and as for size, he’s about as big as an average Chi. But every dog is different, like people, so don’t take too much into account, mine could be shy, but yours could be friendly, you never know,
    hope raising your puppy goes well!

  • I had 2 Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix dogs. Both were different. One was always hyper while the other was always calm. Sadly the hyper one died because he kept breaking out of the house. I didn’t know that he could push open our basement Bilco doors and squeeze through like a rat. My other dog just celebrated his 14thbirthday. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had. Gentle, calm but still has enough energy. He’s very loyal and likes to simply sit n my lap and sleep under the covers. He doesn’t destroy anything. He lives to please and be loved.

  • We have a 15 month old jack/chi mix we rescued from a NC group last year. We drove all the way from maine to get him! Cosmo is the best thing that’s ever happened to us. He weighs about 11 lbs & is about a foot high. He’s fawn & white colored with green eyes. His vet laughs at him because he’s ALL jack from the neck back with this chihuahua head 🙂 he’s so loyal & loving & extremely mellow! Also he looooves kids, cats & bigger dogs! I would never pay big bucks for a *designer* dog, when I can adopt a “mut” & save a life!! But these are awesome dogs & we wouldn’t trade ours for the world <3

  • i have a 4 month old Jack Chi. a rescue. Beautiful little dog smart and athletic, has never barked but whines sometimes/ He is high energy and a digger. Extremely friendly with people and other dogs

  • I bought a jack chi from a responsible breeder.
    His name is Dara Dog. Dara is very clever. I let him run free in the fields. He is a great ratter and a master at catching rabbits. Sometimes the rabbits are bigger than he.
    He is the only dog I know who dose not wolf down his food.
    he has me well trained. When he wants to play ball he drops it near me and makes a strange , it almost sounds like mahmah.Jack russels are for me the most intelligent of dogs. The mix gives them the edge. PS he is also beautiful,

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