by mike s:

I have this sense of feeling near my head. I can increase this energy from my head to my body anytime I like.. what kind of energy is this? can anyone answer me or anyone who has experience some kind of wierd energy that they might have similarity to? pls no stupid answers!! ty.

Answer by Mrs Avatard
I believe we can heal others through reiki, massage etc.

You may be experiencing kundalini energy…


  • Yes, it is possible that you have some healing energy within you. Such abilities could have been carried over from a previous life time when you were a spiritual healer for example.

    I should let you know however that it does not confer any spiritual advantage on you in any way. In fact, it could be a source of hindrance if you do not know how to channel such energies properly, for ultimately, you will be responsible for whatever you do with it.

    I suggest you follow the link below to learn more about what you may do.

  • I can’t relate to your feeling or anything like that, but I do believe we can heel each other to a certain extent. Ya know how when something mentally drains you it also phiscally drains you as well. Well when someone is in a crappy mood and you cheer them up normally if they are feeling sick from being depressed they perk up and become theirselves again. It doesn’t always work like that but if you look back on your own expirences you will see what I’m saying. That’s just my opinion though and if that is not what were looking for, sorry.

  • “pls no stupid answers!!”

    You’ve gotta be kidding.

    You watch too many bad movies. If you want to have special powers, study and exercise. This supernatural bull is just going to lead you to make a fool of yourself and endear yourself to others who’ve already done so.

  • Everything in this world is made up of some form of energy. And almost all can be manipulated in one form or another. When you use your brain to think, electrons move around and it creates energy. You can create a feeling in your hand, foot, back, or anywhere you like. This is very normal.

    And yes, you can also manipulate other energies to help heal yourself and other people, as this is generally nothing more than the shifting of electrons.

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