• interesting that ‘The Great Awakening’ begins with each one of us becoming aware that we are indeed awake ;-])
    thanks for sharing

  • to get to know yourself is truly a long long way. you have to decide whether you’ll go with the inner or outter evolution of self. I chose inner … and consequentially I lost a lot of material abundance because I don’t care about it … but on the other side … I feel happier than ever. also … inner evolution is the only one that goes with you into the next world … outter evolution is for the sake of this dimension and will always remain here. Adonai

  • You know, I related to your comment, and used to believe that it was truly ” a long way,” until one day i realized the joke is that it’s right here all the time.

  • yes! we are the nerve cells of the Earth! like the amebocytes of a sponge
    we are the crew, therefore the ship is ours to care

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