what do you think about telekinesis and telepathy, and psychokinesis generally? do they exist? are they possible? do you know anybody capable of it (confidently)? where can I learn more about it?

and do you …believe… in it?


  • Yes, yes, and yes…
    Read up on the following research at Major Paul h. Smith’s website…just type a search for Paul Smith remote viewing
    Or, Dr. Harold Puthoff, Ingo Swan or the government partially unclassified project called “stargate”
    I trained and learned… if you are consistant anyone can. It is just the degree of ability that may be in question, NOT if you can learn to do any of them. however, be prepared as learning will effect and change some areas of your life and views of the universe. 🙂

  • Telekinesis- yes
    Telepathy- yes
    I have no idea what psychokinesis is.

    Yes of course they exist. Haven’t you ever heard of that one guy? I don’t remember his name but I think he lived in hawaii and it was a long time ago. He was a lonely man and he made this house for the one he loved (she never loved him back though, he died a lonely old man.) The neighbors said that they saw him with tons of these gigantic rocks and the next day they would be be gone. He used telekinesis to move them to build the house for the one he loved. He never told anyone how to do it because of selfishness I guess.

  • YES. Telekinesis does does work. Unfortunately its effects are limited to altering the interpretations of research data towards proving its own existence. I would love for telekinesis to work they way you see it in Xmen comics, but it seems that’s just not the case. Instead, try to focus on some of the other, perhaps even more, amazing products of the mind. Compassion, love, genius, music…these have constructed pyramids, moved nations to war and solidary, or even brought a smile to a child’s face.

  • There is substantial scientific evidence that has been presented by a number of separate research initiatives. The most current research does not demonstrate “macro” psychokinesis (where large objects are propelled through the air), but they do demonstrate that human intention does seem to have an effect on physical objects even if there is no physical contact with the objects.

    If the evidence is evaluated scientifically, the work and analysis is sound. Some people choose to reject any findings related to psi phenomenon, and they often explore unreasonable explanations to support their objections, including objecting to standard scientific practices or analysis methods, or even claiming conspiracies within the world of parapsychology. Others simply do not believe the experiments are unbiased, and still others recognize the evidence but do not find it convincing.

    I’ve included some links below to some of the research sites and journals that have published research about PK and Telepathy among other things. Take a look at the original data and decide for yourself.

    EDIT: Removed. No offense intended to anyone. If we can stick to the facts, we can continue to have a civil conversation even if we disagree on the conclusions.

  • From all the research I have been delving into (by the way, I am a PhD research scientist by career and well versed in both experimental protocol, publishing papers and peer review, and statistics), both telekinesis and telepathy are lacking in convincing evidence. There is evidence out there, and there is some debate around that evidence, but so far it has failed to convince many scientists that didn’t already have a pre-existing belief. There are some links on this below.

    EDIT: [removed – best resolved via personal email 🙂 Sorry folks ]

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