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Breathing into Chakras ion

The flow of energy through the body can be blocked several ways. An illness or an injury can stop the flow. The seven chakra points within the body can also be a stopping point. To understand the techniques of chakra breathing as a tool for maintaining or achieving inner balance, one must know what chakras are and where they are located within the body. Each chakra point is represented by a different vibration, color, symbol, and even sound. To...

Harvey Fineberg: Are we ready for neo-evolution?

Medical ethicist Harvey Fineberg shows us three paths forward for the ever-evolving human species to stop evolving completely, to evolve naturally -- or to control the next steps of human evolution, using genetic modification, to make ourselves smarter, faster, better. Neo-evolution is within our grasp. What will we do with it?

What Does Chakra Healing Mean?

Traditional Hindu writings have often said that there are nearly 90,000 points of Chakra throughout every human body, but there are truly only seven extrmely important points of Chakra. These seven vital points of Chakra can be found from the bottom of the spinal cord all the way up to the top of the head.

Why the Need to Fear?

Fear has existed in the world for the beginning of time and still humans cannot eliminate its existence. Certainly fear can be a positive force in certain situations, but generally it can be a very detrimental energy force. It can steer someone in the opposite direction of opportunity or safety. When viewed in a positive light, it can stop a person from doing something that can harm them emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. With...

The Illuminated Chakras : A Visionary Voyage into Your Inner World

The Illuminated Chakras is a breathtaking 28 minute open-eyed journey through the seven chakras, offering a visual and musical experience of each level of consciousness. Innovative animation of great beauty by 3D artist Alex Wayne works synergistically with a magnificent original soundtrack by Robin Silver to bring the viewer directly to a subjective experience of each of these important power centers.

Power of your subconscious mind to acquire your desires

It’s your desire that make you to move your way to acquire it, but the factor that also determines your acquiring result is your own subconscious mind. It is truly for those who want to know about the power of their subconscious mind and how it programs to accelerate the desire and to achieve the desires. It’s not so that always your dreams and thinking come true, but it’s your subconscious mind that direct it to acquire what you desire in your life. The Power of mind is infinite that directs your mind by its own ways to acquire your desire – no one knows just how powerful your mind and subconscious mind truly are that radiate the desire to be acquired. It will let those people to learn how to train their mind and subconscious mind – so that they develop their mind power to achieve and acquire all the desires and goals. Here you will learn how to develop your mind power and direct your subconscious mind to unleash your hidden and astonish secret that create the life you want and help your desires to be achieved with values and beliefs. Simply, it is that whatever your mind can imagine… it can create to achieve the same. How does your mind do this? What your mind thinks, sees, believes, feels is all sent to your subconscious mind — its great partner, the real power within you. It’s the power of your Subconscious Mind that works then with the universe and creates the way to achieve the desires of your life. It’s not enough just to simply imagine, and hopes to get it happen, but it works to get that. Desires, if you can imagine it you can acquire it – but you need to know how to use the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Program Your Mind means the way to direct your mind to create the things in your life to achieve the desires of your life that you deserve. It’s you mind only that can create wonderful things for you- but only if you know how to use that power and how to send the right messages to your subconscious mind. Most of the people never know how to use this power. Instead they go through life never really using the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Just think about it- if we could properly direct our and program our subconscious mind and use it well to acquire your desire and your destination? What would happen? Imagine, the result would be astounding, or it would be like the dreams come true. Your mind is an incredible power that plays a significant role to let your desires get yours and empower it to acquire it– but no one ever taught you how to use this power. Throughout your entire life you’ve been taught how to do everything but no one ever taught you how to use your mind. Here, we’ll tell you how to use the power of your mind and subconscious mind to create the life you want. In order to create the things you want in life you must first take proper care of your desire that you can to make your own. It doesn’t matter what else you do. If you don’t learn to work with your mind — nothing else will work. Nothing is meant to be, nothing is written. You create everything. You do this with the power of your mind that you don’t know how to use! If you really want to change your life, if you want to use your mind correctly and utilize all its power then you need to begin directing the Power of your mind and subconscious mind, concerning your desires and deserves- so that you create the life you want. This means changing your thoughts, empowering beliefs, changing the way you wants and training your mind to work differently – so that it could direct correctly and the right message to your subconscious mind that help you to acquire your desire and make your life the way you want.