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The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein

The core of the video is a pedagogical workshop on the Theory of Relativity. Not for the sake of understanding the theory itself, but using Einstein’s particular discovery as a case study to demonstrate and walk people through real human thinking, as being something above sense perceptions or opinions.

Jiddu Krishnamurti : Responsibility

From the series of A Wholly Different Way of Living: San Diego, California 1974. As on 19th February 1974 3rd Conversation with Dr. Allan W.Anderson. Talks on Responsibility

Myths Logic Of Shaolin Kung Fu

Explore the world of Shaolin Kung Fu, considered the original and best of all kung fu fighting styles. Providing a history of the art form as well as an examination of the incredible physical prowess required, the film features footage of some of the most skilled Shaolin monks demonstrating the intricacies of the fighting style.

Hill of Dhamma – Dham­ma Giri : Vipassana Meditation Center

This 16-​minute documentary film entitled Hill of Dham­ma tells about the the tech­nique of Vipas­sana it­self, the 10 day cours­es and Dham­ma Giri the first Cen­ter to be es­tab­lished in In­dia af­ter this tech­nique was re­turned from Myan­mar (for­mer­ly Bur­ma) where it has been pre­served for over 2,000 years. Ris­ing above a small vil­lage named Igat­puri which is North­east of Mum­bai (Bom­bay), In­dia, is the Vipas­sana...

Words and Their Effect on our DNA

Group of Russian scientists came to the conclusion that our DNA can be modified without cutting out or replacing any gene. We can modify it through radio waves in the form of our words. Such form of energy might not produce results as strong and immediate as produced by a modulated laser ray but with constant application, it will create a change in our DNA.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Reiki!

If you are wondering what Reiki is all about, here would be a good place to start. Imagine that you have gone along to a Natural Healing Exhibition and you are going to sit in on a talk about Reiki. You will find out what Reiki is and where it comes from. You will discover what it is like to give and receive a treatment. You will hear about the effects of Reiki treatments and come to understand how being attuned to Reiki can change your life...