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Psychic Medium and Mediumship

In understanding what a medium is, we must first break the misconception that a medium is the same as a psychic. People often confuse the terms thinking that they have the same meaning but they don’t. Unlike a psychic, a medium is born and not made

The Dragon Keeper

A symbolic fictional story about the kundalini Rising inside all of us, by the Scribe. Sometimes the energetic part of you resides in the ruptured mounds of your heart cave, sleeping and lying dormant. This is because you can exhibit self-contempt and laziness, hiding like a hermit in your cave, dreaming of all things. But when the day is finally sunny, the kisses of gold parades throughout your cave, tempting your dragon eyes open, and then...

Hill of Dhamma – Dham­ma Giri : Vipassana Meditation Center

This 16-​minute documentary film entitled Hill of Dham­ma tells about the the tech­nique of Vipas­sana it­self, the 10 day cours­es and Dham­ma Giri the first Cen­ter to be es­tab­lished in In­dia af­ter this tech­nique was re­turned from Myan­mar (for­mer­ly Bur­ma) where it has been pre­served for over 2,000 years. Ris­ing above a small vil­lage named Igat­puri which is North­east of Mum­bai (Bom­bay), In­dia, is the Vipas­sana...

Osho Humaniversity

The Humaniversity is an international school of personal growth offering workshops and programs ongoing throughout the year. Programs range from day and weekend workshops to two-week and longer intensives.Located on the North Sea Coast of the Netherlands, about one hour from Amsterdam.

How to perform Yoga Nidra : Art of Yogi Sleep

Yoga nidra or yogi sleep has been used for thousands of years by yogis. In the Upanishads, there are three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Yoga nidra allows an individual to leave the waking state, move past the dreaming state and into deep sleep while remaining awake or conscious during the whole process. In yoga nidra, there are no dreams to explore. Instead, it is a process of emptying. It purifies the deeper aspect...