• De ce oare toti crestinii se poarta de parca Dumnezeu a creat oamenii iar apoi, pe ascuns, a venit Diavolul si le-a lipit organele genitale?

    Biblia cat si Koran-ul din care au nascut religiile majore spun un singur lucru: sa fii o persoana buna.
    Iar tu, care judeci astfel o persoana pentru simplul fapt ca este dintr-o alta religie si are idei diferite de ale tale, pari un simplu credincios fanatic si ingust, cel mai pericolos tip de credincios. (vezi cruciade)

    Hai noroc.

  • In my opinion the act of sex is not bad nor good. In the hands of people with a strong ego its a way of maintaining the ego and strenghten it. For many people sex is used to keep a marriage together when in fact they dont know what love is. Sex and love have nothing to do with eachother. Lust is a form of entertainment creating a self along the way and a human who doenst know how to live needs sex and other escapes to hide behind.

  • OMG This is amazing! I learned more here in 18 1/2 minutes than I did in a whole lifetime in the sack! lol OSHO rulez!

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