I ask cuz just a few days ago, people at my job (which is a factory) told me bout a guy who worked there like 20 years ago died inside the factory from a natural cause, heart attack. And to this day, his spirit resides in the factory. People saying they saw a person standing by them at corner of their eye, the supervisor told me how when he’d be there alone after nite shift he would hear parts getting moved, foot steps from the break room (which is above the office) or just hear things moving around in the factory. Well my best friend died a year and half ago, and I have never felt a presence, seen anything since, except one day, i got sudden urge he was by me and ill tell u what, i really felt it and it scared me, i said “if ur there, go away ur scaring me” which i now regret and asap after i said that it went away.

So i wonder, does the bible or anyone who is an expert or very experienced in spiritual stuff believe that where a human dies is where their spirit resides? My friend died wayyy in florida, im in michigan, or are there supposed exceptions that some spirits can move? What is some input? I greatly appreciate any feedback.
FOR THOSE WHO SAY ANY “SPIRIT” HERE ON EARTH OR UNKNOWN THINGS THAT MAKE THINGS MOVE OR W/E, if they are DEMONS, then why aren’t they doing things that SCARE people or possess? The poeple at my shop just simply say little things happen, nothing serious to be concerned about.


  • Hi I just moved in to my old apartment. The building has been empty for a year do to a fire next door. During the time that the building was empty a construction guy fell to his death and two couples had died in the fire next to my buidling. Well I just moved back in my building and I hear someone walking upstairs like someone has boots on. Remind you the apartment is empty. So I go upstairs and nothing. Today I went to the front of the house to give my husband his keys and we both hear a banging like someone is hammering something. Then my husband and I looked at each other because the whole building is empty my uncle lives in the back and I live on the second floor so the first floor and third floor is empty. But I keep hearing people walk. Is this the guy that died upstairs from doing construction???

  • All day I told my husband I smelld this awful perfume ,even tasting it ,than later that day same day I smelled cigarette. smoke Neather my husband nor my self smoke or wear perfume. The smell reminde me of my sister who would make make it almost unbeable to be in close quarters as she reaked of both,She died a few years ago. She was close to my brother .later that same day mu older brother caller to tell me that our brothers daughter ,46, had just died, Did my sister come to help my niece to make cross over ? I am not religious but I do have my own beliefs .I,ll add that for 35 years My brother whose daughter died did not speake to me and kepted his family from me. My sisted and I quit speaking 15 years ago ,But they all knew my beliefs ,please reply to this if you have any idea

  • My guy we lived together for 6 years, i found him dead outside when i came home from work july 3rd 2015, i moved to an apt i miss him and i love him so much. I laid down on my bed about 4 months after his death it was dark in my bedroom i just shut my eyes andi opened my eyes and floating by the top of my ceiling was my guy i could tell it was his spirit because it was his form but it was like a cloud one of his eyes was moving but jerky a soft breese was blowing on his spirit. I stared at him then he was gone. I had a very wonderful feeling after and i felt a very strong love. Now i do know that spirits r real

  • I am a Christian,I believe in God the father,Son and the holy spirit…I believe,God can touch an lost soul before he dies,if the person excepts God as their Lord in savior.I believe in spirits hanging around.I have many,so does my kids,grandkids…Not sure why,spirits hang around,I do not believe they are evil ones,good spirits protecting us.

  • Responding to Jacqueline Socque. My mother died January 20,2013. After she died my left arm stayed cold on and off for about a week after we buried her. I wonder if that was her.

  • Hi my name is Shawn and I am one of the church Member from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints or a LDS member. I learn a lesson from the Missionary that I been meeting with over a year ago that when we die our spirit goes to the spirit world to learn about the Gospel. The teacher or the Missionary in the Spirit world help young spirit to accept the gospel and teach them about Jesus and God and the Holy Ghost. God Loves us all So he want spirit to be at peace and there are 3 kingdom Telestrial Kingdom, terrestal kingdom and Celestrial Kingdom. God wants all of us to be in Celestrial kingdom which is the most happiest place in the spirit world, and the spirit have to have been baptized within the church, be accepting of Gospel. Terrestal is one step down from Celestrail kingdom, people who are accepting of the gospel goes their and who isn’t baptized within the church. There are ways for people to get baptized when they are in spirit world, one of their family member on Earth have to take their place and be baptized in their name, and if the spirit is accepting of the baptisim then they move onto Celestrial kingdom. Telestrial kingdom is the lowest of the kingdom, people who is not accepting of the gospel, who done bad things in their life and who isn’t baptised in the church then they reside in Telestrial kingdom. If you want to learn more about the church contact your local Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints and the Missionary in the church can teach you more about the gospel. I also know spirits in the spirit world is able to travel to see their love ones and send message to their loves one, you just need to be open for the message just like how the Holy Ghost can give us message from God and Jesus. when you feel your loved one presence that is how you know they are around you watching over you, and when you think about them they are also watching and are around you. I know what I said in this message to be true, because I prayed for the answers and I got the message through the Holy Ghost. The church have a website and the website address is http://www.lds.org if you want to find out any more things from me feel free to email me at EQsmash@hotmail.com

  • Spirits Or ghosts r left on earth r lost souls they wasnt on the holy bible in heavon they r remain here and they could be hurts the living demon us a thing its not humen they hurt the living for enternaiment

  • my husband die on january 3 2013 I feel somthing cold near my harm and one day I got 2 radio in the house I remebern to turn one of when I came home the 2 radio was one what does it means

  • My husband died in July 2012, it has been so hard. I smell an aroma of something like fresh linen and see a watery face in the lights from lamps, sunlight, computers etc. I believe in God and Jesus and and don’t know if this goes against God’s will. I have felt nothing bad or scary at all, just a calming affect. He shuts the TV and receiver off , has blinked the lights and made my refridgerator leak because I needed a new one. As soon as I ordered the new one the leaking stopped. Can anyone give me some real advice here? thanks,

  • The bible say tht after dead thier cometh judgmnt. Let me tel u whn ever a man is die whrthr sombody kil hm/hr or he die whn hs time hv come .he cn nt appear again wht u tht is living wl be feeling his presnt bicos u luv the persn and whn ever u feel hr prsnt fear wl com in side u and u wl be tinking tht he is around even thue rat wl pas by u. U wl said tht u hv met hm . Let me tel u wht u dnt kwn again if tht persn tht die hv mesage 4 u .he/she wl snd tht mesage 2 u thrugh dream nt appearing 2 u. Tanks .if u wnt 2 kwn more add me in 2go Ndubuisi399

  • i lost my loved one on june 1st 2011.After his death i use to feel his presence , i use to smell his perfum. He used to love me a lot and suddenly he died, i couldn’t even talk to him before his death .I just want to know that how can i communicate with him.

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