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NEW Psychic : Creating a Portal or Vortex with Crystals

Please be very careful when you use these arrangements. This will give you the power to do so many things. I let my mind wander the other day while meditating, and ended up regretting it. I got what I was wanting, but it was not what I needed, or was good for me. Please, please be careful. This could be the best, or the worst thing you have ever done depending on your attitude, and your thoughts.


  • You are different from me in that you had the near death experience which opened up all of these abilities. There is only one stone that I have ever had a physical response to and that is marcasite. Marcasite is made up of the exact same elements as pyrite only they elements take a different configuration. I got a tingly feeling in my fingers and my body felt like it was heavy…like it was being grounded. When I hold pyrite, there’s nothing physically discernible.

  • I believe that each stone has it’s own vibrational frequency. I think that’s why you were given a specific combination of stones to make what happened happen. I have the stones, but I haven’t done anything with them yet. I’m still deliberating what I want to do and I want to be as specific as I can so as not to end up with something unexpected happening in addition to what I asked for. Any insight you have about how to make that happen is greatly appreciated.

  • I know that my dissertation probably didn’t provide an adequate answer for you. I apologize. My workings are done on perceived feelings of energy and emotion. If I have been dealing with a stone whose job it was to get rid of undesirable energy, I know that I want to do what I can to remove that bad energy and restore the stone back to its natural vibrational frequency before I use it again. My preferred method is using white sage. I learned how to use it from a Lakota medicine man. Blessings.

  • Cool! Do you think it is the sage, or a ritual you perform to change the frequency that works? Do you think you are changing the frequency, or is something else doing it? Are the stones designed to “shake off” the energy through the shapes, or just naturally? Or does there have to be human interaction? And where does the energy go? Does it leave in it’s original state, or is it changed to something “good”? You seem to know your stuff. Thanks!

  • I have just discovered this myself. Let me know what you think when you use the combinations. I chose the stones through feeling them. It’s like cooking. I just knew what ingredients to throw in for the desired result. Just make sure you always think positive thoughts. Any negative thoughts will manifest themselves. Just stop if your mind wanders, or you think about something upsetting. Peace.

  • Interesting. I always like to hear how other people react to the stones and crystals. I don’t use the magnetic hematite very often because it grounds me so well it takes days to try to get out of my body again. I probably shouldn’t, but I sleep with about $3000 of stones under my pillow every night. My awareness level is so high most of the time. It makes me feel lighter on this planet. I guess I do that instead of taking drugs. 😉

  • Remember that all the rules of science go out the window when you deal with the “unseen” world. You can create and destroy. You are thinking about the study of the 3D reality. Remember to think above this reality we live in. Good insight you give. I like your thinking process. Intelligent people are so fascinating. Manipulating an aura is changing energy.

  • To answer your questions, I don’t know if it’s the sage or the rituals that act upon the stones. I don’t know what changes the frequency or returns a stone to its natural frequency vibration. I don’t know if stones are able to “shake off” energy, where that energy goes if it leaves, or if specific human interaction is involved. For all I know, entities could play a part. My point is, I don’t know and anyone who claims to know is full of crap. I’ve read a lot of speculation, but that’s all it is.

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