It has been about 6 years since i used i ouija board in my home but i fear that i have opened portals or something i was reading about neg. energy and i believe i have that in my house- I really havent had any experiences except a few dreams and tend to believe i have demonic prescences around me i am usually telling them to eff off or something i am constantly paranoid that somethings around me -however i tend to scare myself with my fascination of the paranormal-any suggestions would be grateful as to some sort of peacfulness around me and my house..maybe like a house cleansing or something like i said i havent had any activity nor want it but i fear that my energy personaly is negative(depressed,angry,frustrated,on edge,paranoid ect.) and could be a result of me messing with the acult. i dont want to come off crazy or anything but my dreams and vivd/lucid mind gets the best of me -i do socailize very well hold a job a great im not like consumed just a little concerned.
Also, I live at home and my mother has somewhat the same feelings -while growing up she has always been into learning about supernatural so i wonder if it was instilled. she thinks my house is haunted unless she is trying to scare me but she dissapproved of me using the board especially when i took crosses down bc it wouldnt work, how stupid was that- like i said though 6 years ago no experiences just negative energy with my house “i think” Sorry to make it long thank you for anything~


  • i thinck that some one has done this in the house we have moved into. ever since we have moved in. the cats will not settle. all of the electrical equipment keeps blowing up. and we are both now on anty depression tabs. the house has a bad vibe about it. we leave and all feals ok soon as we are back the shit hist the fan. have checked all the power and other this but as i beleve in spirits. the ground is not halo. have looked into it. only thing it could be is a borad was used in this house, the spirits were not sent back. or one has lached onto me from when we had a pub. we had three there. one in the bar. he was harmless. one on the second floor. did not like you to smoke. killed fag packets with them in. number 3 floor. that one was another story. bug bad and dark. did not like that one. i kept telling it to go away and not to bother us again.
    we need help

  • When I had a simular problem, i cleansed the house and thought everything had gone back to normal. This is rarely the case. you have to do a couple things.
    1.) Decide to pursue magick completly or stop messing with it. Half hearted attempts, result in messed up energy that can severly hurt the user, and in poorly or non effective magick. Any faith will protect you provided that you have 100% belief in it. anything less and you are better off beliving in nothing.
    2.)you need to cut your tail. Anything you touch, or do leaves a trail back to you. The stronger you are, the easier that it is to follow. NASTY things like to follow you home, ESPECIALLY after using Ouija boards. There are safer methods to use. Cast what in Wicca is call a “Circle” around you before you consider using something like that again. It will provide a measure of protection and prevent you from being as easily followed again.
    3.) Cleanse your home, car, and anywhere that you spend alot of time. There are lots of methods for this, some include salt / salt – water, Mustard seed – my perfered method, or smuge. You dont even need to use anything but your mind. The only purpose of these items is to act as a focal point, or in rare cases, they can actually boost the energy provided that they are simular energies.

    They are also right about the portals. These need to be closed as well. I had one in my home at one point because of a student. They are difficult and draining to close. Have an experianced priest of ANY faith close this for you. It is not something that a novice should attempt.

    I am not by far an expert in this field, however I have experianced some pretty nasty critters. My best advice to anyone, research what you plan to do and know it inside and out. Plan for any possible occurance and prepare to respond to those you didnt think of. You must know what you are doing before you practice any occult type of experiance, divination or otherwise. I can not stress this enough… KNOW it before doing it. It will save you lots of time and headaches. I learned that the hard way.

  • The negative energy is in your perception not in space and the only thing it has to do with your playing with a ouija board years ago is that you carried a thought about it and expanded on it. You (and Mom) have been conditioned to think a certain way and you masochistically suffer for it because you do not recognize the source and do not know how to fix it–but it is a complicated matter. I don’t think I can begin to explain this properly to you, and it would be unappreciated by you anyway. So stick with the band aids, as given by some of your responders. I don’t believe that they will ultimately help you, though.

    In any case, this is how you clear space of “negative energy” if you need a ritual to do so. You acquire a resonant instrument such as a very resonant bell (like a Buddhist ritual bell), or a cylinder of zinc, a singing bowl, or a symphonic gong (I have all of these instruments). You ring or otherwise “play” them around the house about once a week or whenever you want while having fearless, resolute, bright and clear thoughts and intentions (not frightened, anxious, paranoid thoughts). The sound vibrations neutralize and harmonize the vibrations in space (and in the people hearing the sounds and feeling the vibration of the sounds ). This is the technique used to clear space of negative energies in Eastern practices and it was a technique I used for years along with certain prayers from a certain Eastern tradition. I have no need to perform these things anymore. I play my gongs and what not because they make me feel good. I’ve also meditated and have done occult meditative practices to overcome my “demons.”

    Good luck to you.

  • first of all it is not the result of messing with the acult it is the result of messing with things you don’t understand.
    second you need to close the portal you have opened
    then you need to purify your house with dragon’s blood and angelice insense and or oil (dragon’s blood is a resin from the dragon palm tree,it’s like sap)
    you need to find a witch to close the portal or at least someone who has studied magick.

  • You have definitely opened the door for a demonic presence to make your home its dwelling place. I would contact a pastor and explain the situation and ask him to come your home and rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus and anoint your home with oil. But remember that after the presence leaves you are responsible for keeping your house clean or it may come back even stronger. You do not have to be oppressed by the enemy, the blood of Christ can cleanse your life and your home. God Bless.

  • Salt.
    I say it again salt.

    Start upstairs, your furthest room from the front door, exit.
    Spread salt along the windowsil then fill the room with salt, getting it everywhere.
    then when you leave, put a line along the doorway.

    Do this with every room getting closer to the door, not forgetting the hallway.

    Then when downstairs, do it again salt on windowsills, along the line of doors ect.

    Then when you get to your hallway, last room cover it in salt, step OUT of your house, put a line of salt along your front doorway (on the inside so it doesnt blow away. then shut the door.

    Come back in the evening ect. leave it for at least half a day.

    Dont cross the salt lines,
    Get the salt everywhere, in lines like
    if that was your room, the salt will make any bad spirits move away. saying “begone” outside each room once youve finished is essential.

    🙂 hope this helps.
    It is a cleansing cerimony and you can do it, no priest or whatever.

  • Well, when commanding demons to leave (you alone), it HAS to be done in the name of Jesus . . . and said aloud. Demons ARE NOT omnipotent . . . they cannot read your mind. And you don’t need to use some booming, God-like voice either. Your regular speaking voice/tone works just fine.

  • I’m not sure what religion you or your family are, but the Christian response to a situation like this is to claim the blood of Christ over the situation. If you have a pastor or know of one, ask them to do a house blessing. By claiming the blood of Christ over your house, according to Christian beliefs, the demons will be cast out and replaced with Christ’s love and a hedge of protection.

  • yeah, first off quit messin’ with the ouija board. if you did open a portal what do you think will happen by using the ouija again. second, ask the universe to guide you in cleansing your space. you’re a vivid dreamer so that’s a good place to start. incubate the dream by intending an outcome to come to you within the dream. then once you do that, do that in real life….what it was that was gifted to you in the dream.

    talk to spirit about this one. it’s all about your intention and nothing else. but for the love of god put the ouija board away. it’s like a friggin’ telephone to any spirit that’s listening….

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