Lisa Cairns – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Lisa started spiritually seeking in her early 20’s. She had her first awakening in 2005 after attending a talk given by Tony Parsons. After this, she spent some time in India with Ramesh Balsekar. It was there that she met her final teacher, Roger Castillo, who was also a student of Ramesh. She lived with him for three years in Australia during which time many falsehoods were seen through. In the beginning of 2011, Lisa’s awakening stabilized and the seeker fell away. Lisa now enjoys communicating the nature of Happiness to anyone desperate enough to know the truth.


  • Dear Rick, from my view what is causative during the spiritual path is that there is an increasingly stripping away of false beliefs. This includes the belief in causation. It is that simple. We have to understand that what is happening during the practices is the stripping away of ignorance. It’s not that the stripping away of ignorance “causes” awakening. The stripping away of clouds does not “cause” the sun to come into existence. It just makes the sunlight plain to see.

  • You can pull a table by any of its legs and the rest of the table comes along. There are many ways to God/Self realization, including the physiological.

  • Agreed. Sun was always shining, but easier to see without the clouds. Many ways to thin or remove the clouds.

  • My friend, can you draw any line that isolates a cause called physiological? How can the separation be made by which you can distinguish a certain path? There is no true separating out of paths. Says ‘me’ 🙂

  • Sure I can. On more manifest levels, we distinguish between physiologies, paths, etc., all the time. If we didn’t, we couldn’t function. On the unmanifest level, of course, there are no such distinctions. In fact, there are no things.

  • @luminoushedgehog
    Ah yes, I appreciate your insights. 🙂 Yes, everything I stated is merely opinion/belief/presumption. In regards to the idea of “my teacher,” it is wise to realize that EVERYONE “helped the person to realize the nondual,” as you said, and not just one person. Recognize that each and every being that you encounter is your “teacher” in this sense, because ultimately each and every being is appreciated EQUALLY for helping you grow, expand in consciousness, and awaken. 🙂

  • @luminoushedgehog
    I will share with you a radical example of Self-honesty in “describing a process of learning that happened.” This: “I recognize that each and every person in my journey has been–and is–of value in my awakening process. Each and every being is my teacher; those that I have liked as well as those that I have disliked. I recognize that every encounter is a holy encounter, because the Same Divinity exists in all beings. Thus I recognize that all have helped me discover Truth.”

  • Sure, many will acknowledge this. The affirmation that each is a holy encounter is from A Course in Miracles. It is a beautiful truth that all are students and teachers of God. Yet the Course also distinguishes that there are advanced teachers of God who play a special role in helping others. It does not contradict the equality.

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