kali worship is great but dangerous also.warning?

This word ‘Kali’ has to be understood. Kali is the mother of time. In Sanskrit time is called KALA, and the mother of KALA is Kali, mother of time. But the mother of time is beyond time. Time is born out of it, but the womb out of which time is born is eternity.

Eternity is the mother of time. Time is just a reflection of the eternal. The Bauls worship Kali, the mother of time; they worship eternity. They seek and search eternity — not that which changes but that which remains always and always, that which is beyond all flux, absolutely permanent, unmoving. They seek that hub of the existence. Symbolically it is called Kali.

This word ‘KALA’ is very meaningful: one meaning is time, another meaning is death.

The same word means time and death. It is beautiful, because time is death. The moment you enter into time, you are ready to die. With birth, death has entered into you. When the child is born, he has entered into the realm of death. The birthday is also the death day.

Now only one thing is certain: that he will have to die. Everything else is just uncertain; it may happen, it may not happen. But the moment a child is born, the moment the child has taken his first breath, one thing is absolutely certain — that he will die.

Entering into life is entering into death; entering into time is entering into death. Time is death, hence the Sanskrit word KALA is very beautiful. It means both time and death.

And Kali means beyond time and beyond death. Eternity is deathlessness. How to find eternity? What is the way? One has to understand the process of time.

Kali is a symbol of now, of the eternal, of the absolutely real. To live moment to moment and not to bother about past and future is the way towards the novel man.

Excerpts from Osho Book The Beloved

Mother Kali. She is both life and death, the giver and taker. A beautiful black woman, black like death; a beautiful woman, but very dangerous – so dangerous that she is dancing on the body of her own husband, almost killing him. Shiva is lying there and she is dancing on his body almost crushing him. And she wears a garland of skulls, and in one of her hands she has a cut head, freshly cut with blood dripping from it.

In the West they cannot understand why a mother should be so dangerous, why a beautiful woman should be depicted in such a dangerous and terrible and horrible way.

Hindus know better. They have penetrated the mystery of life better than anybody else. They know that sex and death are so close, so close that they are almost one. And when the sex center starts throbbing and spreading its waves over your body, the death center also starts throbbing. That’s why orgasm has become just a word. You don’t achieve orgasm in sex – you cannot. Unless you accept death you cannot achieve orgasm, because orgasm means losing all control, orgasm means losing all mind, orgasm means the whole body throbs in ecstasy, every fiber and every cell of It. The whole body celebrates in an unknown bliss and the mind is no more the controller and the manipulator.

In the East, particularly in India, we have the image of the goddess Kali, the mother goddess, Kali.

She is both a great lover and a great destroyer. If you have seen the image or any picture you will be puzzled – particularly people coming from the West are very much puzzled – but it has a great psychological insight in it.

Kali is dancing on the chest of her lover, Shiva. In Sanskrit Shiva means one aspect of God, and Shiva – just a little difference in spelling – Shiva means God, Shiva means corpse. She is dancing on the chest of Shiva, destroying him, making him into a corpse. Shiva is becoming a Shiva! She has a garland of human skulls around her neck and in one hand she holds a freshly cut head, blood coming out from it.

Why this strange image? It is not strange, it is tremendously psychological: the woman has great power because she is intuitive. Hence Lawrence is right when he says:


Quotes from Osho Book  Theologia Mystica

Kali is also considered as a aggressive form of durga. Her tantric sadhna is considered as the most dangerous path, in NIRUTTRA TANTRA” shiva had said”one should worship kali only when he is virabhava (means a hero,a man with courage) or divyabhava(divine).


  • Hello,
    It actually happened few seconds before..
    I am facing some hurdles in my life and I started chatting Kali mata beeja mantra(om hreem kalikayai namaha) from past 5 days.
    Couple of days back while I was asleep I heard someone’s anklet sound.. The very next day (mid night) while I was meditating on mata kali I felt someone is walking on the roof of my house ..
    And now after meditation when I bowed down myself to mata kali all at once everything went dark… Its completely dark and I felt like whole earth is rotating drastically..
    Can you please tell me what exactly is happening .. Thank you

  • My uncle gained kali power 1 years ago automatically while worshiping in Kali Kamaru mandir. It came up into his body automatically without doing any kali sadhana. It was the mandir of Kali kamaru mai(Ban kali) in a forest

    At that moment, his body treambled a lot and became uncontrolleable for some time. He has been worshiping kali Godess at home after that moment. He had mantra power of kali after that moment. More often, he used to tremble whenever he thought about Kali deeply or while in he was worshiping her. He has been using kali mantra power on treating people’s illness, getting lost thing back and on good deeds.

    But these days, he is feeling as if he has lost her (Kali’s)power since the power isn’t working as before. He is nowadays feeling as if he doesn’t have that kali power and isn’t Treambelling. He is feeling as if his body is lighter than before. However, he is worshiping or prayng her as usual. He is praying her every morning and evening as usual. But why he is feeling so?

    Could you tell me why does this happenened to him?



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    • Kali Maa is probably trying to shake you into becoming a better person. For whatever reason, she is teasing you and scaring you … maybe you have done something to irritate her, or you prayed to her for something very intensely and then when you got it, you felt you achieved it on your own … or something like that.

      You can stop being bothered by her by apologizing to her first and then praying to Vishnu and Brahma … the bringers of stability and knowledge. Even prayers to them will help only if you first apologize to Maa and listen once to what she has to say to you in detail, before requesting her humbly to leave you, as you are not ready to receive her/ face her.
      So basically, you have to face her once, hear what she says (and she will say it out loud and scare you to death) and then apologize to her and request her to leave you. Then start praying daily to Vishnu & Brahma.

  • Dear friends,
    We must have a good instructor(guru) at first when we are doing sadhana.we must receive the mantra from him.Kali mantras are very powerfull and also dangourous.If we are doing sadhana without guru,it will lead us in great difficults.If we are chanting the moola mantra continuely after some days we can feel something happening in our surroundings… That is the sign of the kali that she is near with us..at that time we can see her but it was not like we are thinking.we will get be scared and lost our mind.We can’t treat her properly at that time because of the scare.All matters will come badly.we can’t resist or apologise to her at that time..So please find a good guru at first..and also pray with peaceful form in mind.

  • Dear Viewers,
    I’m in love with her wulsand vibrances look ..she is really beautiful …but the thing is can anyone guide me with the exact way to do her Pooja(at home) I mean what are the offerings that can be done. I am just not expecting anything in return from Maa Kali but to just want to know deep about her.

  • Kali Mother is the best… she helped me and my husband in many ways in our bad time we just pray 2 her, she will sort all our problems in her own way.we fell her every time my Kali ma…. is the best, mother kali never hate her kids she help us all the time but never forget her, you will regret that.my kali ma…..

  • She is as real as you want her to be. I feel her often in many ways, although I was not brought up to venerate MaaKali. She has many forms, although I don’t see her in the image as the ones displayed in the temples.

  • Kali maa is one goddess to pray to deliver us from sins – why would one want to do tantric sadhana .it will be mere foolishness to take mind again in negativity pray to God ..to not have an birth again on earth …that would be a splendid blessing to pray for

  • I went to temple for the first time I got a reading from the punjari he told me I have to do 5 weeks special devotions to kali maa and 1 kali cook puja ok I can understand the devotion part dats with offering fruits but can somebody explain the cook puja thing for me plz

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