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It’s been told that Anton Lavey accepted Christ on his death bed. No one knows what theywill do when facing

death. Agree or disagree?
Hey, I am only telling you what I’ve been told. Nothing more.


  • Zeena (LaVey) Shreck was estranged from the LaVey family for several years prior to her father’s death. Karla LaVey and Blanche Barton spent the most time with him at the end of his life. He will have been on powerful painkillers and wearing an oxygen mask at the time he died and unable to speak due to fluid in his lungs – Go look up his cause of death if you don’t believe me. Patricia King stated this rumour 6-7 years after his death and, on her lawyers’ advice, didn’t actually name LaVey but rather a ‘high ranking Satanist’ to avoid possible entanglements. No one who was present when LaVey died reported any such thing, it’s just a fanciful lie that’s spread around much as the reports of Charles Darwin’s deathbed recantation.

  • If you check it out online then you will see that his daughter has commented on this matter and says it is all lies. But how would she know? If I remember correctly she wasn’t even at his deathbed. Her and her husband had started some other ‘wolf’ group and was busy with that.

  • Simple if Satanism is not worshipping the devil then y have the name Satan in the ludicrous title? ask yourselves that satanist lol

    • Just as then name Christ is in CHRISTian
      Satan is in SATANism it’s not to worship a God but to stride to be like one in all that we do just as you “Christians” do

        • Also, Christians worship God and Jesus as the word Christian means that they conform to the teachings of Jesus christ. Jesus is worshipped though as he is the embodiment of God on earth, you Christians need to READ your bible and not just go to church and listen to the minister preach his interpretation of “today’s scripture” try to understand what the holy bible actually says.

    • It’s a religion founded on the hatred of Christians for their ignorant and blind faith, by calling themselves satanists, they do not worship satan, but identify with the Christian antagonist as being against the Judeo-Christian people and their teachings. While they do hate Christianity, they depend on it to basically have something to mock and most rituals and customs are corruptions of Catholics and are designed to both anger them and also to show them their blind piety. To a satanist, they are not an actual religion, but instead the antagonist to all of them, the anti-Christians or Satanists as not all abrahamic religions are Christian, but they all have a satan. That’s why.

  • It is also he remained ignorant till the end! With number of souls he sent to hell with his satanic activities! He deserve to feel the hottest part of hell too.

    He should be in hell to believe that Jesus is Lord! He should face the truth the hard way! That seems fair to me!

    • Calm your tongue n hear these words fool your God says not o urge for yo shall be judged 10 times fold an love thine brethren according to your God where all made in his image so do you deny him threw your brethren

  • I wish he remained ignorant till the end! With number of souls he sent to hell with his satanic activities! He deserve to go to hell too.

    He should be in hell to believe that Jesus is Lord! He should face the truth the hard way! That seems fair to me!

    • You should wish others what you would wish for yourself, and although this guy propagated Satan into lives, he never sent one soul to Hell, and you know that.

  • I’m an Agnostic so I’m neither atheist or religious in any way. As I read these posts, I couldn’t help but to be amused at how every religious group tries to implement their beliefs on others as facts by using fear in one way or another. I encourage everyone to do more research on religion and to have a more open mind. Again, I am not bashing religion or anything, I have the utmost respect for everyone’s beliefs.

  • Church of Satan is not an organization who simply disregard any deity. HIGH PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES DO WORSHIP A LITERAL SATAN. You do not know because you’re brainwashed by your leaders. You do not know because you simply take what the crowd says. You do not know because you like it that way. Step out and know what your leaders are hiding. Anton Lavey wasn’t just an atheist, he was a literal satanist. Whether he did repent or not, game over. Now, think of your self.

    If there really is no heaven and hell, GOOD FOR EVERYONE OF US, so called believers or satanists.
    But if there really is heaven and hell, SORRY for those going to hell.

    however, There’s no such thing as “too late” as long as you still have your breathe. At the end of the day, it’s always our own choice.

    Have a great day!

  • I don’t get it…
    Nobody´s presenting anything but hearsay, why even argue the matter? Claiming those where his last words without any form of evidence, it just shows that you missed out on the point, as a Christian one doesn’t have to blindly believe everything, it’s enough for one to believe blindly that Jesus is the lord and saviour, no need to indulge in stupidity and believe everything anybody says without proof or reliable sources.

  • So if anyone on this earth can show me just one thing that made it`s ownself i will close my Bible and never open it again…you can name things untill you take your last breath but everything you name was made by someone…the beautiful stars in the night sky declare the glory of GOD. the beautiful stars and planets show GODS handy work…..so i could never be an atheist or evolutionist…..I pray that GOD has lavay in his custody and lavay now sees just how wrong he was……pray for all, you wouldn`t want anyone to go to this horrible place God calls hell……….some people think hell is gonna be a big party with all the lost present, but the BIBLE teaches you won`t even know there is anyone else there, GOD deals with you one on one. HELL WILL BE WORSE THAN ANY TRILLION NIGHT MARES YOU COULD EVER CONGER UP……I LOVE YOU JESUS…

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