death. Agree or disagree?
Hey, I am only telling you what I’ve been told. Nothing more.


  • He accepted The Ramones on his deathbed. They came to him & sang there songs which gave him the message that they were there to take him to Heaven where all the so-called Devil worshipers went. Yes he’s up there. The Ramones are my guardian angels. I don’t need to go to any church unless I want to. There are why too many judgmental people out there including unjust judges.

    • God sends no one to hell, you send your self there, the Lord came to save that we might have life more abundantly, as it written, The Lord is not willing that anyone perish, but to come to everlasting life through Jesus Christ, Read Revelation 7:16, 16:8 and Revelation 13:16 ,It’s about Salvation. Read it Bro

    • The most complex aspects of life, our anatomy, our brains ability to communicate with our eyes, ears, sense of smell and taste, actual feeling of love, concern for the safety of the ones closest to us even if it means sacrificing our own selves…… Where does this come from? A conscious/soul that is only felt by us as humans. Hence, the feeling of guilt if you do something wrong! Where does that guilt come from? Think about it! It comes from something deep inside you that naturally hints to you whether something you do is right or wrong. Animals (like Lions) kill the inferior/weak in their bloodline to maintain their own dominance. If they invade another’s Pride and defeat the dominant Lion, they kill all of his cubs to try and destroy any genes he may could carry on. All this done unmercifully! Why? The non-existence of a conscious or soul. That’s why we are created in Gods image. What can anyone say that Satan has done for you to advance or prosper your existence? If you believe in Satan, then you have to believe in God. If you believe in evil then you have to believe in good. One could not exist without the other. Bad times create good times. Good times create bad times. If neither existed, there would only be times!!! What do you think dictates good and bad? You can’t say it’s created by man because we feel the influence of good and bad when no one else is around. It’s a conscious decision given to us to be able to express loyalty to our Christian Faith or turn to evil and just not choose to accept the responsibility of accountability! I Pray for everyone around our world to be given the opportunity to hear Gods Word and decide for themselves whether or not to accept him or turn their back. Ultimately, I would hope everyone would run to Him! But that will never be the case because we are granted free will to choose. Please please please, at least entertain the thought of God loving you and always being there to accept you, no matter what you’ve done. I would bet that 99% of people have felt that calling and thought about it. Just another reason to believe that He exists and is there! The difference in good and evil is so simple. The punishment and reward is also simple. What do you have to lose? If I’m wrong, you’re still gonna end up in the same place. If I’m right and you believe and commit; we can be in Paradise together forever.

  • Zeena (LaVey) Shreck was estranged from the LaVey family for several years prior to her father’s death. Karla LaVey and Blanche Barton spent the most time with him at the end of his life. He will have been on powerful painkillers and wearing an oxygen mask at the time he died and unable to speak due to fluid in his lungs – Go look up his cause of death if you don’t believe me. Patricia King stated this rumour 6-7 years after his death and, on her lawyers’ advice, didn’t actually name LaVey but rather a ‘high ranking Satanist’ to avoid possible entanglements. No one who was present when LaVey died reported any such thing, it’s just a fanciful lie that’s spread around much as the reports of Charles Darwin’s deathbed recantation.

  • If you check it out online then you will see that his daughter has commented on this matter and says it is all lies. But how would she know? If I remember correctly she wasn’t even at his deathbed. Her and her husband had started some other ‘wolf’ group and was busy with that.

        • Also, Christians worship God and Jesus as the word Christian means that they conform to the teachings of Jesus christ. Jesus is worshipped though as he is the embodiment of God on earth, you Christians need to READ your bible and not just go to church and listen to the minister preach his interpretation of “today’s scripture” try to understand what the holy bible actually says.

    • It’s a religion founded on the hatred of Christians for their ignorant and blind faith, by calling themselves satanists, they do not worship satan, but identify with the Christian antagonist as being against the Judeo-Christian people and their teachings. While they do hate Christianity, they depend on it to basically have something to mock and most rituals and customs are corruptions of Catholics and are designed to both anger them and also to show them their blind piety. To a satanist, they are not an actual religion, but instead the antagonist to all of them, the anti-Christians or Satanists as not all abrahamic religions are Christian, but they all have a satan. That’s why.

      • Eli Login wake up your lying and fooling yourself, no one else! Christians do not deny their worship to jesus Christ, Christ is in their allegiance title. Satanists deny their worship to Satan. Remove Satan out of your name then

      • Logan call yourself Judeoists then. Why satanists therefore? But wait that doesn’t sound quite evil enough does it? Serial killers wearing Satan’s pentagram would never deny Satan at least they have guts and honour unlike you who pretend to be squeaky clean but want an evil name too, you are spineless satanists, stand up for your master admit to it you worship satan!

    • Simple. There’s Theistic Satanism and LaVeyan satanism. LaVeyan is self worship while Theistic is actually devil worshipping, but our idea of Satan is completely different. He isn’t the villain hes portrayed as in the bible.

  • It is also he remained ignorant till the end! With number of souls he sent to hell with his satanic activities! He deserve to feel the hottest part of hell too.

    He should be in hell to believe that Jesus is Lord! He should face the truth the hard way! That seems fair to me!

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