The God the Father figure is expressed in Freudian psychology as the super-ego. It is the part of the self which acts as the conscience, maintaining one’s sense of morality and proscription against wrongs.

The God the Son figure is represented in Freudian psych as the id. The id concerns itself with the human desires of pleasure and earthly fulfillment, our desires for earthly love and such. The id models the embodiment of God made human flesh.

The ego is the Holy Ghost figure. The ego encapsulates the spiritual qualities of humans such as compassion, tolerance and helping the human to relate to others in socially appropriate ways.

So couldn’t it be said that the Christian Holy Trinity is nothing more than an earlier expression of the id, ego and superego in Freudian psychology?
I may not be that brainy, but one thing’s for sure, I know how to spell Freud correctly.

And Freud’s theories are at least temporally more modern than the Holy Trinity concept.


  • And yes, the convoluted memes of the Holy Trinity is expressed in Freud’s psychological trinity. Realize there is a fourth part: the true self. IE. you.

    Also note Hinduism’s Shiva, Brahman, and Vishnu. Holy Trinity again. Those are so ancient they kept switching genders because they couldn’t remember/decide who was the Man Woman and Child of the true trinity.

  • The female version of the trinity is:

    Holy Ghost, Savior, and Sacrifice. A woman spends her life bouncing between savior and sacrifice and ends up a holy ghost.

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