I know it’s an *odd* mix, to put it lightly, but the best fit I’ve found for my religious beliefs falls into two categories: Wicca and Catholicism. Is it possible to be both? If so, how do I explain one to the other? If not, which religion has aspects of both?


  • I found find that organized religion of any kind is wrong. I believe that there is a creater, A spirit, and he/she is in many things like the earth, water, air and fire. I am of catholic descent, so I do believe in a the trinity. How he will punish me for my wrong doings. I dón’t know, but I discovered that every God/Goddesses in all religions are very jealous. The bible was written by man inspired by God,so man is not perfect. I consider it a tool. The saints I don’t pray to, but I admire Mary for her faith God or the Spirit as I call him. I don’t know what my path is, but goal in life is to follow my own. I believe it is wrong to judge people.The spirit has its own path path you to follow.

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