• there is no use of arguing, after all you cant change what somebody believes in all you can do is lead them in the right direction, after all we weren’t all raised the same and our minds or not the same,so people may think differently on things, nobody knows wether the third eye is good or bad, all i can say is what your mind, heart, and soul thinks is right thats what you should go with

  • Well, well this is soo interesting. and in my opinion it all depends on interpretation. first id like to say we use 5% of our brain so who are we to even suggest that anything is true or false?
    The fact is how do you feel when you meditate? I have experienced opening my third eye (by accident) at the lowest point in my life and felt soo good, cleansed, like true god was walking with me..
    So the intuition in me says this is good..however S____ the bearer of light is a deceiver. hate to even say that name..so how do we know whats for real?
    One has to trust oneself and the power of good that be…for me as a Christian yet new age spiritualist as well..I say when I ask for protection as i meditate..that my intention is blessed and I am protected by my guides and god because that is what i Beleive and so it will be!! because of my good intentions.
    Faith and trust people, thats what its all about to me!

  • I’m a christian and I am completely against the whole concept of a third eye for many reasons far deeper then the shallow reasons that some of the above people have given for why ‘some christians would think it’s wrong, but they’re just ignorant’. I’m definitely not ignorant, in fact I have probably looked more into the whole subject then half these people that sell their souls away for this shit have. All so they can what, produce some major hallucinations/illusions and have the possibility to find awesome stuff/people aka demons (OH, and don’t forget, the possibility to find HORRIBLE stuff/people aka demons)? If the third eye was truly divine like the Lord Jesus Christ is, why does it not bring upon a completely positive world as Jesus has promised to us in heaven? There are so many more questionable aspects of this deception known as a third eye, but I’m choosing to leave it at this.

    @d : Why would you, as a Christian, come and put up a post that is so negative and childish? That just makes people grit their teeth more to Christianity then they already do because of the people that act like you in their lives and claim to be Christian. You need to understand that people fail to realize that humans are imperfect and in many ways they do not represent the Lord, so to judge Christianity/God based on human behavior is incorrect. So please, have a positive output as a Christian to the best of your abilities so that more people aren’t misled!

    • The third eye isn’t just for seeing into the future and demons, it allows the wearer to see into the intentions of others and become more aware of their surroundings and far more empathetic to others than many others. It also allows for a stronger ability to be open minded and see the world in colors and not just black and white like many believe.

  • losers losers losers losers trust in god, and god alone,. you wanna see your third eye? pull ur pants down. freaks!! satan is decievings, god is the only true power, anything else promising wisdom or power or strength is from the devil because only god can give true power

  • Actually, the “third eye” is believed to be connected with a small gland in the center of the brain, but noone can confirm that notion. Physical or not, it represents one’s ability to ‘see’ spiritual things. Sometimes it is viewed as the faculty through which we experience clairvoyance and other times it is a reference to information from above, like an eye in the sky showing us something. Many gods have been associated with eyes, including the egyptian Ra and also Horus, but the “third eye” is not an egyptian reference. It’s about human psychic sight.

  • The so-called “third eye” is a concept within Tantric yoga and Hinduism and represents intuitive insight or forms of perception that are more subtle than those provided by the ordinary senses. It also represents spiritual consciousness through which a person can have an authentic understanding of the divine. How is that something bad or something related to “Satan”?

  • Depends on who you ask. The third eye is a concept initially unrelated to Catholicism at all. Like many other beliefs of native peoples that missionaries encountered, the third eye was labeled demonic.

    The concept isn’t good or evil. It is that the third eye sees the spiritual aspect of our world. When someone sees in this fashion it is usually considered a good thing. But that does mean that one could see demons or lost souls.

    Your interpretation is what many people believe in modern times. That is merely symbolic, or perhaps even just superstition.

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