Are the california astrology association products and services real and do they work for sure. How do I tell when my wanga doll is working for me. How long does it take for my wanga doll to work for me once I hold my wanga doll in both hands and make my request. Did the california astrology association products and services work for you. I Bought the wanga dolls from I want you and if you think they are real and they are genuine and I want you to go to to see if the wanga dolls look real and are genuine and if you can sense a power in these wanga dolls on the website that I gave you above.


  • I ordered a spell and did the opposite thing. Never got refund back and a few weeks later some one in Cali used my credit card number and tried buying six hundred dollars worth of clothes. I had to change credit cards. Told a friend about it she ordered a supposedly powerful sammadhi stone that couldn’t even be shown on ads or paper. She got a tigers eye rock. That was more proof that this so called astrologers company is a total fraud, a scam and not worth the money time and effort.

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