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Is the california astrology association products and services real and do they work for sure?

Are the california astrology association products and services real and do they work for sure. How do I tell when my wanga doll is working for me. How long does it take for my wanga doll to work for me once I hold my wanga doll in both hands and make my request. Did the california astrology association products and services work for you. I Bought the wanga dolls from www.wangadolls.com I want you and if you think they are real and they are genuine and I want you to go to www.wangadolls.com to see if the wanga dolls look real and are genuine and if you can sense a power in these wanga dolls on the website that I gave you above.


  • I will always buy from CAA because they are honest and have great customer service, Like what they say if nothing happens for one year you can get your money back no question ask as long as you have the order number and date of purchase .

  • Yesterday, I had a bad news at the job connecting me for something that I did not do. it was pouring rain and my co worker and we decided to walk to the Union Office. The meeting went well with the Union Officer. When we came back at the parking lot a big tree fell on our car. other cars. we’re smashed by big branches. My car looked like damaged. When police said “come get your car it’s clear.” we went to the car wash and thank heavens my new Highlander was spared not a single scratch and I am unharmed. I am wearing my Lady Luck necklace . I am just thankful that I am fortunate enough not to be inconvenienced by this circumstances.My coworker’s jeep is heavily damaged Thank You.

  • I had bought 2 spells but only one worked just as it said how it was going to.Most spells work depending on u after the spell is cast.You must stay positive on your part.Spell’s do not have a time frame only for you to stay positive

    • I had a fall in love with me spell cast on my freind angela ..and weeks later still nothing .i so wanted it to work

  • I used them one 3 years ago i did the easy money spell two days later I get a free laptop in the mail, I was not even home and the mail man leave it out side my door. Had to be the spell, now I’m ordering a love spells

  • Well my last spell didn’t work, it actually did the opposite which I’m struggling with now, but they did give me a refund with know issues. Scared to try again though.

  • I bought two in the past, and both worked, although one worked not as fast as I expected, but the end result was exactly what I wanted. I am buying another one now, believe it works.

  • I have done spells before and have to say I always seen results, trying a new one, so will keep u all posted, so far never had an issue, hope I don’t now, I believe it works.

  • , I believe that california Astrology spells do work and they ate genuine.I had a spell casted on 20/12/15 for a reconciliation spell.Already i have had results i never thought possible.Thank you California Astology.

  • i have done alot of love spells and money spells with this companany and none of them worked. However they are really good in getting your money back if nothing works. Try a live psychic in the city you live in. You will proably have a lot more luck.

  • antrika pendant doesn’t work at all for me but they do have Greek coin the supposed to help you in getting money. that one does works. l had to throw out the Greek Coin because it broke. when I had the Coin, I was never Short of money & Now l am flat Broke.

  • I do knnow they work. It was about this time of year christmas comming and my husband didn’t have money to buy our kids christmas gifts so I took a chance and ordered a money spell well u guessed it my husband bought a 1$ lotto ticket we won 1500$. We bought gifts and had enoth left for a very good dinner and to pay some over due bills. I do believe .

  • I have had a few spells cast for me over a long period of time
    and they have worked for me for certain. There may have been
    two that did not work and they did give me my money back but
    over all these people are honest. I have been lucky with this site.

    I don’t know why they don’t work for some people but this is the only site that I would use and I have used other spell sites and had to report them and my credit card got the money back.

    I am honest about this – I really do like them and they have not paid me to submit this. You may want to call the office and talk with them.

  • Ordered some spells onhly recieved an email and nothing has happened……. hope to see something my recommendations dont try it dont waste your money. Turn to God.

  • they give you a refund if you are not happy so you are just jelous psychics who are looking to burn your competition on internet. horrid


  • from my experience it was a scam i orded some spells i had lost my job and was so in need of another job so i got several spells cast on my behalf to help me get a job fast, i was really in need i havent heard back from them after recieving a email the day my spell will be cast, nothing worked i’m still jobless and my friend spent $300 and nothing happed even with the dolls i feel like such a fool , i guess it could work for you and many others . maybe wasnt meant for me

    all the best

    • Fear only God, trust only on God, rely on God, ask Him to do whatever you want. God is your creator, he is one and only, He has the power of everything, He controls everything. Spell casters/forune tellers are sinners and they will never ever get the taste of heaven hereafter.

  • i just got mine & i can feel the presents of it.
    i talk to it & tell her what i need, treat them good & they will treat you good back.
    talk to them & tell them how you feel , even if your watching t.v 🙂

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