• I have experienced this on numerous occasions and adopted the belief that it is both scientific and ‘spiritual’. I don;lt really believe in ghosts, but i have met some astral travelers. So i believe in astral projection since i have projected on many occasions and find that it works. Most of the time I noticed that it was other humans telepathically or consciously projecting into my reality through the art of projection. Most books on astral projection are written in a scientific form instead of spiritual form (no gods goddess etc., just techniques).

    So next time you have a sleep paralysis try to project you conscious out of your body into the ‘force’ that is pushing you down. You might be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself out of your physical body.

  • There have been scientific studies done on it. It’s been shown that by stimulating certain parts of the brain you can cause feelings of another entity being in the room or the feeling of being watched etc.

    When you sleep the part of your brain that controls body movement (sends signals to your muscles) disconnects from your body so you don’t hurt yourself in your sleep by physically acting out your dreams. It sometimes doesn’t reconnect immediately when you wake up, so you’re conscious but can’t move.

  • It’s a medically proven fact.

    I thought baptism was just the drowning of the baby. I didn’t know they also performed a lobotomy (although that would explain a LOT).

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