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Is psychic power a God's gift? If so, why can't I ask for their help?

O.k. I have never believed in psychic power. But after my boyfriend committed suicide three months ago. As desperate as I get, I have to try everything at least once. So I went on several psychic reading. Surprisingly, all of them have been incredibly accurate.
All the psychics told me God’s work is real, and God will help me heal.
I have been told psychics power is God’s gift. If that is the case, why have I also been told I shouldn’t ask psychic help to contact the dead because it is an unforgiven sin.
I am very confused.
So is psychic power the God’s gift or what?

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  • If no one is supposed to know the future why did God have people interpid dreams of what was going to take place – to get the kings of the past to co-operate? Why would God have mosses place plegues in people to make the pharoh release his people. Why did he have mosses use what we would consider witch craft today, I love God very much! have my whole life!!! And I have asked for guidence from God and His Godly amgels and I have been given dreams during meditation, wihich i always pray before hand and have had some conformation of an event, I have had my computer by itself pop up a page with the same info as my dream, now a medium is saying in a letter everything that God has revealed, I have asked for help understanding because its hard to inturpit me dream. Now I read medums are religious and are God fearing, so I am starting to believe that God is the one that helps them to help us. But, I don’t want to offened God. people say it was the people in the past their errogence and control that put things in the bible to control us. I just know that I love God and I want a relationship with him. God is good never Evil, It says in the bible evil spirits cringe and run in the name of Jesus, So If I pray that the mediums is Godly and rebuke bad spirits in the name of Jesus and she still is there, She is of God?

  • Do all things out of love, that is the mystery that should be common sense – Any true ability that is not common comes out of love.

  • Psychic gifts are like the same as the prophetic ministry in the bible. Religious people fear the spirit realm because they don’t think God can speak to them. The truth is that psychic gifts are given by the holy spirit to bring light and love to the earth. I am a former pastor and I been doing ministry over 15 years. God has given me encounters of the other realm since I was five. I can tell you the psychic realm is holy. The church always hated the prophets and they will always. The same people killred jesus. I encourage anyone with the gift to use it with the holy spirits wisdom.

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