I am hoping to get answers from people who know about Hinduism…and just to clarify, Ganesh is the Hindu Elephant God.

I would like to know if Ganesh has any connection or association with the singing bowls.

Thank you for the wise answers in advance! 🙂
Oooh Funkybud, good answer! 😀

I love Ganesh, I have a statue of him and I have a Tibetan singing bowl. I was moving some stuff around and happened to sit them together and something just energetically clicked for me that I hadn’t noticed before. So…I was wondering if it was something well known and I just didn’t know about it…or if it was a more subtle connection. Thanks! 😀


  • I love you for asking this. I adore Ganesh and Tibetan singing bowls. Krishna is my favorite, but Ganesh is pretty close after. I know singing bowls to remove senses in a way, (I can’t keep my eyes open when listening to their beauty); Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. If you consider senses obstacles, then Ganesh and Tibetan singing bowls serve similar purposes. The sound of a singing bowl creates a sacred space, and Ganesh does too.

  • Haven’t found that written anywhere, so sorry, but my information may be limited. I do love the singing bowls, came across some just recently that the most perfect tones, just beautiful.

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