• its real …
    you will learn chakra if you joined yoga..
    there’s some part of chakra in our body…
    and you can open your chakra with practice …
    it (people said this) will make you health , peace etc .
    but it isn’t like in the naruto …
    and i hope it will be like the naruto xp

  • Chakra is a real thing. There are different names for it such as Chi or Ki but Chakra is the flow of energy throughout the human body. There are points or areas on the body where energy is released and can be focused, and different cultures have different beliefs about the flow of energy. Some say the energy can be focused to make you run faster/jump higher/hit harder or if you put energy into a certain point something will happen (like in acupuncture, certain points relate to the mind, body and so on) or force the enrgy out (Samurai could use their ‘Swordsmans Spirit’ to confuse or disable opponents. If you watch or read Bleach, that is what ‘Spiritual Pressure’ is)

    If you are talking about Naruto and Chakra related to Naruto or ninjas, then that is fake. Nobody can use their energy to create clones or shoot fire or see with special vision or anything like that.

  • yes Chakra is real. It follows one of the most well known and widely practiced meditation and energy circulation traditions called the microcosmic orbit.

    Sometimes the practice is referred to as “circulating of light” or self winding wheel of law” (Imagine when Naruto uses that hand sign and focus his chakra in the anime and theres that spiral in his stomach well that what this is in real life) It is a method that is said to have its roots in India, but is practiced throughout the world in many differnt martial arts traditions.

    The main purpose of the microcosmic orbit is to open up energy centers (chakras) in the body and to circulate and refine the chi (ki)

  • Well chakra is considered as the virtual points connecting the body and mind through points in the body. That is known as chakra. In naruto they considered chakra to be a flow of energy in a body. So it actually is fake. The virtual points start from the spinal cord to the brain.

  • Lol ignore the first answer,

    chakra is actually real lol and apparantly it can enhance strength and speed and endurance when used correctly but im afraid it cant let you breath fire or control water lol.

    Hope this helps.

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