I’ve been into astrology on the internet for the past few months. It seems surprisingly accurate sometimes, but maybe it’s just programmed to do that. Either way, why don’t we like, survey a tonne of people about their lives and see if their answers back up their signs? I know we all have many signs and not just one, but we could tailor the questions to the different signs, like sun, moon, mercury. etc.


  • Don’t be ignorant and think astrology isn’t real just because you don’t know anything else. There are things in this world that are unknown. No one can say that something doesn’t exist. Anything could possibly exist, we may just not know all about it, or anything about it at all.

  • Astrology is real for someone if they want it or think its real.
    Its not real if its you that controls your destiny,you have to live the life you want to live,then astrology doesnt matter

  • emm i wonder how Astrology is real. I hope that you all know that pluto is not considered as a planet any more. So how they are going to arrange that zodiac chart? by putting the new planet that they found recently in our solar system that is bigger then pluto?
    Sorry guys but Astrology is all Bullshit!!.

  • Astrology makes a lot of sense to me and to the whole of the spiritual and religious peoples, practices and traditions of the world since ancient times. Is and has been such a part of human tradition. Seen or unseen, sense or no(sense) it’s obviously majorly influenced human existence. How can we negate that? I’m an astrology buff

  • Astrology is definately real.. thats whats wrong with the world nowadays.. is everyones lost touch with whats really going on in this world. The bible is an astrological story.. so wheter u think so or not.. if your a christian.. your basically worshipping the sun and so on and so forth. its 2011 people.. wake up and see who you really are.. we are light relfecting from stars millions of years aways. The Macrocosm affects the microcosm.

    • Are u serious, I am too a Christian. Astrology is based on planets and the sun revolving around our planet, that’s basically denouncing the fact that our planets revolve around the sun. Like alot a people say, if it helps people to understand what’s going on in their lives; good for them. I do not mean this in a negative way at all, but maybe u should wake up and see you really are. +1 to the first poster.

      • Yeah astrology is fake for sure. A man born of a virgin, raised from the dead, and takes away the sins of the world all while listening to everyone murmur prayers….. That’s real for sure. Yeah ok.

  • i have one sign. scorpio. i have one element. fixed water. i know people who carry characteristics of more than one sign. but i have never even heard of anyone actually having more than one. Unless you remember your sign from your prior life and claim it as well.


    And it HAS been debunked as BULLSHIT!

    Penn & Teller: Astrology
    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilSBQpcbuYY
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdf8fZVOk7E
    Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C-vzxtIduA

    How is it that you can hand out a sheet requesting the “Standard” astrological information such as Birth Date, Time, etc. then give a WHOLE CLASS of 30+ people the SAME EXACT “Reading” and 75%+ of them will raise their hand and say “Yes, this reading was specifically for me and matches me very well”?

    “Cold Reading” plays on the same SCAM as Astrology…

    Stupid people will mentally work what is on the page to fit their life, not the other way around. Please join us in reality… It really isn’t such a bad place even though it doesn’t have predictions and magic.

    Debunking Astrology: Myth in the Modern Era

    Debunking the Pseudoscience of Astrology
    By Emily Lu – Staff Writer

    A plea… For those of you who believe in astrology, please carefully consider what I say.

    For those of you who don’t, think harder about what you can do to help rid ourselves of the pseudoscience.

    I mean no ill will to the believers–some of my favorite people are genuine astrology buffs. If it makes you happy, and helps you understand life a little better, go for it.

    The people that upset me are those that may blindly believe in the truth of astrology without really considering where it comes from.

    Astrology is not to be confused with astronomy. Yes, astrology is the predecessor to the modern day astronomy that is the scientific study of the Universe, but it is certainly not the same anymore.

    Astrology is the study of the aspects of heavenly bodies with the belief that they hold influence over human affairs. The early astronomers did not know much about what was going on in the sky, other than what they were able to observe.

    At that point, astrology and astronomy worked hand in hand; some of the our most famous scientists held second jobs as astrological forecasters. At this point in history, though, we need to seriously separate the two. With the scientific knowledge that we have gained in recent history, there is little reason to place much trust in the notion that the Sun, Moon, or planets will affect your day to day life.

    Five thoughts:
    1) Distances. As anyone who has taken introductory physics should know, the force of gravity goes with the inverse square of the distance… ie., the further a body is from you, the less it will affect you. Remember how far away Earth is from the Sun, Moon, and planets (hint: MILLIONS of miles). Though the person who delivered you at birth may be much less massive than any celestial body, they are much closer and would certainly affect you more than the positions of the planets.

    2) Other influences. For argument’s sake, let’s say that there is some unknown force that far-away celestial bodies do exert. The laws of physics have yet to be completely understood, so I’ll concede that it may be possible that there is something that works independently of distance and might influence the lives of people. But if that force is not distance dependent, why aren’t stars, galaxies, quasars, or black holes included in astrological forecasts?

    3) Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The three outermost planets were only discovered within the past three centuries. How does that work with the claim that astrologers make about the accuracy of their art for previous times?

    4) Precession of the Earth. Due to the slight wobbling of the Earth’s axis, the current position of objects in the zodiac circle are no longer consistent with the tenets of astrology set up thousands of years ago. Your “sun sign” is actually currently shifted over by one (i.e., a Leo is really a Cancer). 5) Build me a house of ham. If you’ve thought about the human reproductive process, you know that a baby spends about 9 months gestating in the mother’s womb before it is born. Why, then, does your birth time matter? Shouldn’t it really be the time of conception that would affect who the baby is to become? Or is it that the muscular lining of the mother protects the fetus from all external forces? In that case, shouldn’t a ham enclosure do the trick? Think about it. If I haven’t managed to debunk astrology, I hope I’ve at least made you more aware of it. The skies are mysterious, but they need not rule your life.

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