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  • Do you have any experience in any of those fields? If not then I would suggest you go with neither.

    You don’t need special rituals from specific traditions or religions to rid yourself of bad luck. You just need to focus on creating good luck for yourself. Don’t focus on the bad parts of your day, focus on the good, keep doing that for…say…a week and that’s all you’ll think of…and you won’t have bad luck anymore. Bad and good luck are all subconscious. Think good luck and good luck will come.

    EDIT: Joesmart – If the Native American Feather you are referring to is the Eagle feather, you must realize it is illegal to possess one if you are not a legally recognized Elder of an Indian Tribe/Band.

  • If you want to have it done by another person, I’d say Voodoo/hoodoo is the way to go — Wiccans and often shamanists tend to believe the power is all in you and thus your bad luck is really your own fault, stemming from a negative attitude or karma or something. Voodoo meanwhile accepts external forces can rule you, and so it would be more compatible with what you seem to have in mind.

    If you want to do it yourself, you can also just buy spellkits from many places.

  • I suppose any one of the three you’ve mentioned would do.

    Just make sure the individual you chose to assist you is experienced.

    But their efforts may come to naught even if they are experienced. For
    one’s Nativity can hold within it the Prediction of periods of Good or Ill.
    Perhaps best to consult with an Astrologer prior to finalizing your

  • You could try every one of these and more, but if you don’t have the understanding, knowledge, or belief system to back them up, they won’t work. You can believe in magic all you want, but honestly, unless you are a Wiccan by faith, or practice voodoo or shamanism as a religious way of life, they won’t work.

    The only way you can break your bad luck is through the power of the mind. Use meditation to concentrate on the things you want to change, keep telling yourself that you can and will change your luck. You’ll feel more confident in the knowledge that bad luck isn’t something that will follow you around. Then go out and change your luck on your own.

    You won’t get the answers you seek by “trial and error” of different rituals. Life isn’t meant to be that easy or everyone would be doing it.

  • You should go to a priest or priestess of your own faith. If you are Catholic, go to a Catholic priest, if you are Wiccan, go to a Wiccan priest or priestess, etc. A ritual from a religious culture that isn’t your own won’t “work” for you. If you don’t have a religious tradition, perhaps this is the time to look for one. Good Luck! 🙂

  • Believe this or not but the only person that can rid you of bad luck is you……. And believe me when I say that it is a lot easier then even you might believe……………..

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