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Im catholic and i wanna do witchcraft is that a sin?

so im catholic and i wanna do witchcraft. but people said that if you do you’re following the devil or something. and that your putting other gods before god. and im not putting other gods before god or following the devil. and other people are saying its a sin or whatever. i just want the truth and that it.


  • Its not a sin to do witchcraft unless you’re doing black magic.As long as you’re using witchcraft to help others or help yourself,then you’re fine.Witchcraft is not evil.It doesn’t follow in the devils footsteps.I,myself am a person who does witchcraft and is Catholic.If you do any bad magic then it’ll shoot back at you ,just know that.Plus dont listen to those people who say it is a sin or you’re following devils footsteps,because those people probably sinned more than you have.Also you wont go to hell if you do witchcraft unless you do black magic that affects the changes in normal behavior.Its all about balance.

  • hmm.. me too.. I’m a catholic , wants to know witchcraft..
    My hopes are just wavered bcoz of the negative comments
    and I didn’t followed the devil nor following the devils work…
    is it really a sin?
    is it against the law of the church?
    all I need is a yed or no answer..

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  • Me too. I want to practice witchcraft but I’m a catholic.
    I just need a Yes Or No answer.
    But if witchcraft really a sin.
    I’ll better quit.

    But I believe in christ
    and I don’t want to follow the devil

    My Hope to practice witchcraft is wavered bcoz of some negative comments.

    Is it really a sin to practice witchcraft when ur a Christian?

    YES or NO?

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    and send me a message what’s your answer. Tnx!

  • WHY do you want to practice witchcraft?

    To control various situations? Catholics are supposed to allow God to be in control.

    To manufacture the results you want? Catholics are supposed to trust God and say, “Not my will but Your will be done.”

    Because you think you’d like the feeling of power? That’s the sin of Adam & Eve, right there.

    I agree that you can practice witchcraft without following the devil, but you certainly cannot practice witchcraft and be Catholic at the same time.

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