Long before the Radio has been invented. The medium are using the crystal ball for telling future or past.
All that we see have Natural Frequency. All we have to do is to tune in to it. If only we can enhance or it even light has a property of frequency. if you look at the stars what you see now is not his present but his past because of distance.


  • Sorry, but those mediums are fakers. If any one of them could prove paranormal powers, they would get $1,000,000 US, from the James Randi foundation. Several have tried. All failed.

    Check out the Skeptics Society to understand “cold reading”, which is how the mediums trick you.

    Each crystal does vibrate at a particular frequency F, and harmonics of that frequency (2F, 3F, …), but ultimately the energy that the crystal is resonating with will be electromagnetic, sound, mechanical, etc., not some new mystical energy that violates the laws of physics.

  • that’s not correct. the medium’s usage of crystals are entirely unfounded, and not supported by evidence or even our understanding on how the universe works, there’s nothing special about crystals. for more information on why crystals aren’t particularly useful for the things you are suggesting check out the site sourced

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