Dont give me no bull**** about how a succubus suck the life force out of men. the feed on SEXUAL energy, meaning they feed on semen. Nymphs don’t really feed on you, they just want sex 24/7. Please dont give nothing about how its a bad idea because you will be ignored. i would greatly appreciate if anyone could give me a sure fire way to accomplish one of these tasks. Another thing is i am on a Very tight budget soo….yeah. thanks.


    • As to the why some people say demons are evil and others say they are great is simple demons are like humans in that they are diverse some are nice some Arnt just like people cause they are people with contiusness and feelings just they don’t have a physical in the normal sence and you can only see then in theretrue form if you are well connected to the spirt relm

  • I’ve been interacting with an intimate spirit for over 3 decades even today. See the link below for more information about my account. I’ve been collecting information about this topic for +3 years, researching almost every day mainly discussing the topic with those who experience them. Experience is knowledge and I’ve discussed this with countless people with both long term relationships and brief encounters. I’ve also been a guest on the Paranormal Quest Radio Network.

    I post the above paragraph to show you that I speak from my own experience and knowledge obtained from others who have first hand experience which is not tainted by recycled false folklore or religious dogma nonsense.

    There appears to be two ways they appear in your life. One is they choose you. Nobody is sure exactly what attracts them one person over another. It may be our ability to sense and react to them. This type is almost always the most considerate to their partner and won’t interfere negatively with our worldy requirements. The are most kind, gentle and understanding to us. They can develop into an almost perfect mate.

    There is another way, the way you seek by summon. I do not know the ritual or rituals myself however I have known several people who have obtained a spiritual mate by summon. All of them with the exception of one report problems of one sort or another. Most of us who study and experience this believe the problems are caused because the intimate spirit wouldn’t have choosen the summoner in the first place. They were likely taken or removed from what they were prior and put with a stranger who expects something.
    These beings have feelings, personalities and consciousness as we and if there’s a mismatch there can be trouble or disappointment on all parties.

    I have also came across a couple people who tried to summon but obtained something else. Something they didn’t want and now they’re stuck trying to deal with something very angry, trying to control and ruin their lives. That’s not 3rd party gossip. It’s real, I’ve personally experienced warnings by malevolant agents not to help such an individual. They are effectively isolated.

    If you still choose to summon and by sheer luck happen across a good one you must understand these things:

    * Once the relationship is established it becomes practically impossible to end or send them away. There is no amount of praying, smudging, cleansings, magic or any Holy trinket effective against them. Consider them permanent. Period
    * Telepathic communication usually develops. They read your mind and know what you are thinking.
    * They also have read/write ability in people around you.
    * They are usually jealous as a normal spouse would be exept for unique abilities. They may use those abilities to eliminate any intimate competition including boy/girfriends, wives/husbands or future interests.
    * If you are a younger person you’ll likely never experience the normal human development of interest, courtship, love, marriage, family. Those things may not interest you now. But when you’re 30-40 years old you may indeed need those intimate things.
    * They can never provide all your companionship needs.
    * You will very likely become addicted to them and the feelings/sex they provide. That’s the main reason prayer, smudgings don’t work. You secretly still desire them which they plainly see – and so they remain.
    * They don’t control you. But you don’t control them either. They are not a pet to be manipulated.
    * You will not be able to tell a single person you know about this or risk being considered insane. Once the bag is opened it is out.

    My message to the asker is to please understand what may be the result of this, the seriousness of it and the profound changes it will likely bring into his life and those around him.

    I hope you are able to make an informed decision.
    My best luck to you in what ever you decide.

  • You might need a sharpie marker a five pointed star a salt circle outside the star, (do NOT enclose star!) red candle for passion (you can get those at dollar store). Use shadowmagic, call upon the shadows around you and make up your own spell from there. good luck/’ PS theyre called lust demons not succubus/.

  • I had a friend who was a devil worshipper. He called up a succubus and it eventually took on a demon form. It did him in the butt one time and then they started fighting, and my friend said he bit it’s finger off. And it looked at him and said, “Does it taste good?”

  • It is fairly easy.
    1) Get in your car and drive to the nearest major city
    2) Wait until night fall
    3) Find the darkest part of the city you can, preferably with an ominous crimson glow
    4) Proceed to the nearest/cheapest motel to that district
    5) Ask at front desk for “company” while glancing around suspiciously
    6) Go to your room and wait
    7) The succubus/nymph should arrive later

    CAUTION: If you do not give the proper offering of money, than a larger and more powerful demon may come looking for you

  • Couldn’t tell you for sure, since I’ve never come across a sigil specifically for a succubus in any of the grimoires I’ve thumbed through, but you’ve got the intent, which already puts you 3/4 of the way there.

    I’d be careful what you wish for, however. It may not be as pleasant as you’re supposing. Ask anyone who has done extensive work with the Goetia. Demons are like the bank. There’s always a hidden fee.

  • It’s actually really easy to summon a Nymph. Submerge your head completely in water for at least thirty minutes. No cheating!!!
    A good succubus won’t cost you more than twenty bucks, or fifteen if you’re a regular. They can be found on certain street corners after dark. But try the nymph summoning first.

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