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I want to become a real life warlock, what do I do? and please, no christians answer this.?

I want to become a real life warlock, what do I do? and please, no christians answer this.


  • to become one u must chant the words kroxs iyom….to build ur powers, it depends on the person if they have already have powers like predicting accurate events of the future, simple things like opening the door by just thinking it. this chant will focus ur powers to become the most powerful warlock I’ve seen the chant posted on the net. once chanted everyday you will starts to know how to build ur own spells and charms. its not learn by buying to ur local warlock bookstore. once u have found the chant in the net that’s all you’ll ever really need. its up to u if ur gpna use it in good or evil.

  • I’m 14, and I’ve been studying magic and demonic theories since I was 6. I truly believe that my ancestors may have been warlocks or demonic worshippers. The level of intensity I take towards these kinds of things, they scare my parents, I’ve become a social outcast because of things such as these. My family has misteries surrounding about it as well, the last 3 generations on my mothers side of family have disappeared no more than 2 decades after there 45th birthday and none of them have been found dead, just missing and my grandmother(she went missing about 8 years ago) had a very close friend who was also friends with the family told us that she didn’t even know who we were talking about, didn’t know a lady by that name. Sometimes I have dreams, about my mother disappearing and nobody remembering her except for me. My parents told me that I had dreams of my grandmother disappearing, never to be found before she ever did. I wake up screaming at night terrified and crying but not being able to remember what happened. The one friend I do have(who is very goth which does indeed support my case) calls me a warlock all the time because I have had the best grade in chemistry out of the entire grade for the last 3 years. Demons, warlocks, and all of that stuff is real.

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