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I need to close my third eye – it is driving me crazy! I never opened it intentionally for some reason is open?

I have dreams which come true and I can see things before they happen – sometimes and I have those feelings which aer always right. I hate this and I don’t want any of this to be happening. How do I close the third eye?


  • hey ihope someone can speak… im not sure if my 3rd eye is open or not but since i was young my dreams have come true. but not exact.im16 now ive nvr knew how to open it or too close it… help?

    • i have learned its what you make of it i didnt know abot the third eye and i was going crazy every one was caling me jesus but i knew i wasent and i contraiting talking to jesus becuse i found how to realy use it and not realy scared any more i fill jesus opened my third eye becuse i am all ways filling him when i use my third eye and knowing what spirt jesus i am not sre if i been creating jesuses but i fill prety cofident its time to let the world know jesus is there and just becuase the spirit is black dose not mean its evil it could of got burned i want to encourage the right people to not think of what they want but on whates best doing to much on the eye causes midle of your head to have well im not sure its like tension and i realy fill close to jesus so not knowing it i turned my self to a never ending love son of jesus and have never ending love for him just know what is right

  • you ought to know how to control your thought pattern.every man have been given will power and in effect spirits are attracted by our thought pattern.fill your heart with love and a strong hedge will be built around you that negative entities cannot penetrate..

    • Everyone needs to stop fearing there open 3rd eye. This is a gift! More people will have there 3rd eyes opened at this time in history because humanity is waking up and becoming connected again to the soul world. Always focus on love and never give energy to anything dark. Also you need to build a strong spiritual foundation so you don’t get drained. Master Sha teaches in depth how to strengthen the spiritual body and control the 3rd eye. Also ways to turn off your 3rd when you need a break.

  • i really wanted to close mine too, sincr whem im grade 1 i always saw those spirits i did’nt even know, and until now rhat i am already college, i don’t wanna see them im scared, sometimes my dream will turn into reality but not that exactly what happen from my dreams.

  • I read this on the chakra meditation site where I opened my third it said that when you don’t currently want to use your third you can close it by taking your index finger and midlle finger in between your eyebrows and swiping them down.

  • I read about it they say that if u r having negative thought while ur 3 rd eye is open u will be seeing spirits to avoid seeing spirit try to be positive . Even my 3 rd eye opened recently but I’m trying to stay positive I don’t see any spirit but i can read the energy of the people standing near by some time when an angry person is looking at me I feel very angry . But my yoga teacher told me to do meditation and to visualise a ball of yellow light surrounding me covering whole of my body this will prevent any negative things to mess with ur positive vibe

  • I had the same problem I believe it was my third eye I had anxiety, fear alway felt like I was gonna die. I was on youtube watching on carl jung doc and it woke me up realized there has be balance. I was always focused in day dream state played video games alot didnt help just everything seemed fuzzy guees I was locked in day dream state. I realized I had to focus reality life concentrate on whats real not whats fake and not worry about life and not focus on my fear. I thought well I get by everyday whither if these pains and fears I was gonna die take over or not so why let it get to me right its in the subconscious mind and what you feed it and it doesnt know good from bad. It felt like bubble was closing in middle of my head when I focus in reality. I went to psychics for healing nothing worked for me I had to change it myself no could do that for me. Its hard to explain what to do but I give jesus the glory this is gone had since I was 13 and suffered from night terror since I could remember. I was raised in church which think made it worse because we our own worst enemies and demons sometimes srry for grammer. I hope this helps people out as it helped me.

  • Im scared i really don´t know what i going to do? When i was 10 0r 11 i think my third eyes was started opening i can see spirits i can hear them very well.. I want to close my third eyes i don´t think that im ready for it. Please help me!

  • i need to find out how to close my third eye also its caused me more pain and anxiety than everything in my life combined can someone please help me save my life

  • brother i opened it with marijuana and when my kundli awaked i opened my third eye now i am facting same problem what u r facing i am not able to close my third eye now plz give me answer

  • My 3rd eye has been open since my teens now im 45 and its so powerful i can feel the energy of a murderer drive past me on the street. The things i know about strangers. Thankfully i can control it but lately im seeing flashes of white light sorta hard to ignore that.

    • Trust and Believe you do not want to “see” “spirits”. I encourage you to re evaluate your desires and reasoning behind them. The next thing you know you will be back on these posts asking how to stop “everything” and close a door you thought you wanted to open. You know not what you ask nor the danger to yourself it can VERY easily present.

  • to close it go to a dark place then get 2-10 candles lighten 5 candles then if the 5 didnt lighten you will never ever close it

  • i think that is not a third eye thats a vision,are you watching final destination? and i think that is third eye too,ohhh what a mess in my mind!

  • awww i saw this one on the movie its a horror movie in the philippines the actor (of course not real cuz its just a horror movie) first see in a dream nor he see it in the person. then it’ll happen to the person who he saw in his dream or in person =) the title of the movie is “Sundo” in the last part of the movie the main character died =( he fought with the grim whipper be careful.

  • I am having the same type of experience. I want to get rid of it too. It has lead me to untruths, dead ends, and to make decisions that have brought me great depression and anxiety. Now I know it is not good and I can’t get rid of it.

  • I had dream about things that actually happen years later.. i do not think that you should close it.. its a gift which no one have any chance to get it.. you can help people with it or even help yourself with it.. appreciate it please.. because once you loose it you will miss it like what is happening to me now.. i miss it so much..

  • the best way to close ur third eye is ignore ur intuition and stop acting true to ur self because if u do that ur third eye will start to close like if u were to actually start constantly poking ur self in ur regular eye or u could seek a practitioner and have them bind ur third eye shut but most wont cuz that could backfire badly and fuck them over too u also could look up binding spells and cast one on ur self so that if it back fires or works right it will be closed

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