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I need spiritual advice on dealing with my cheating husband…?

I have been praying, and praying and praying. My ego wants to lash out on him and the other women, but I know that will only bring more chaos. He refuses to give me a divorce and I cannot continue to stay with a man who refuses to be loyal. I am trying to wait on God to move in my marriage, but I am also tired of being taking advantage of. Pray my strength in the Lord. Any scriptures that I may have overlooked will be helpful.


  • I’ve been married for twelve years and my husband has been

    cheating for twelve years. I only been fully happy in my

    marriage for about the first three months. We have three

    children together who are still very young. My husband does

    not cheat with one woman, but many. Recently, for my

    birthday my husband took me out to dinner but found out

    a month later, he took another woman out for her birthday

    and brought her a gift. I forgave him and still will always

    forgive him for this is right in God’s sight and I love him. I will

    never trust him again. I am not fully happy. I cry many nights

    and think that I am the worst person, wife, and mother ever!!!

    I try my best to please him, but nothing I do is good enough. I

    sleep in the living room because I feel so bad,, but we still

    sleep together. I can see that my children are affected by our

    relationship. I am thinking of leaving him in six months. Why

    six months? I need to pray and a plan so it can be done right

    if this is the will of God.

    Do you think God reveal to me that my husband is cheating

    so that I can move on with my life? Do you think that my low

    self-esteem can have something to do him cheating? My

    husband has never admitted that he cheats. Why is that?

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