Seriously. Like on the clock, 6:09 PM. And when I’m reading a book I’ll look down to the bottom of the page and it’ll be page 69, or 169, or 269. And I was born on June 9th! And I have this jar with 69 M&Ms in it. My meal came to $69.00 yesterday. Then my boyfriend texted me like “69?”. Why am I seeing this number everywhere? Is it a sign of a spiritual awakening? It’s really freaking me out!!

PS Before this I was seeing the number 420 everywhere!


  • I spot a 69, 96 or 629 so often.. It has been a year I have been seeing them… but, now more than ever.
    This is how I understand it.

    The message is “You are locked”. If you turn a 6 or 9 upside down they become the other; if you see 69 upside down you will still see a 69; or if you spin 69 around a central axis, 180, 360, 540.. degrees (1+8+0= 9, or 3+6+0= 9, or 5+4+0= 9) it still is a 69.
    If you see 6 and 9 as just as two symbols then 69 looks like Yin Yang.
    Smash the two digits into one another and you have the muzzle of a double barrel gun!
    What stays the same when turned upside down?
    If 6 is life then is 9 death? Is it turning from life to death?

  • Same here,too. So thankfully I’m not the only one. It started with my phone battery and now its everywhere. Firstly I thought that it was just coincidence, but now I’m not so sure and it is freaking me out… I’m virgo btw.

  • Same here! Born 6 27 69,,,, 2+7=9. 69 69. Seeing it everywhere lately. The other day 2 cars in front of me one plate 96966 and the other 66996 what the??? What are the chances of that? Been on this spiritual journey a while. The TF thing has been tough. Recently lost hope with no clue what to do bout it or a spiritual path. Also glad im not alone here tho.

  • I need answers now! It’s freaking me out me and my friend have this curse thing and I am slowly going crazy from it I want tot to stop.

  • Mine Zodiac sign Is Scorpion me too facing the same shit “69” Noticing this number everytime in very special mannners , Like my Battery 69℅ , facebook Comments 69, Instagram Follower 569 damn what the heck is this happening is this Any kind of Rituals or something , Is it a Badluck or Negative sign of something bad is going to happen in my life ? I need Answer

    • its definitely a positive sign… angels are speaking to you from an outer dimension. They’re telling you to follow what you love and be free from fear

  • Hi everyone, I thought I was going crazy until I read all your posts . Thank god I’m not alone seeing the number 69 everywhere every single day , on my phone , house numbers , prices Just everywhere in everyday life activities , it’s insane I too have been seeing this number since I met my twin flame :))) what does this mean ? My birthday falls on the 6th day of January my partners the 6 month we are Capricorn and Gemini we both see this number , even playing games the number 69 . It has to mean something for us all , wish I had the answers !

  • this number 69 has been folloingme sround aswel since me and my ex broke up . I feel like this nuber only represents good to me .living the 69 life … wow glad im not the only one.

  • I have the same problem, I see 69 like everywere, it started like more then 6months ago, at firstI was seeing 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89…numbers with 9 at the end, and I was like, why its number 9 followin me. Then I met my Twin fame, from that day I see 69 everywere, everyday, on the battery of my phone, on cars, price, my grade at the end of my university year was 9.6. My Twin told me at that moment that it has to mean smtg, and after a few days I accidentaly found a site where u can find ur destiny number…I calculated and my number was 6…At that moment I didnt think on calculating the number of my Twin Flame, after a few days I see the same site…and I was ohh lets calculate the number of him. I put his birthday and when I saw that his destiny number its 9 I was like omg omg omg…omg we are 69. Before you met your twin or soulmate, Angels give you signs, this was my sign that ill met him, my 9 number, who complete the 69.
    The numbers are to make ppl awere that they on the good path. Love and Light.

  • I was born on 9th of 1969 and seeing this number every day. I hope nothing bad happens. Now having serious trouble in my marriage. I’m a Libra too!!!

  • My partner and I are both cancerians and have the cancerian tattoo unintentionally on our right wrists. ♋. Since we’ve met 8 months ago we are constantly comparing on a daily basis who seen the.number 69. how and where. Microwaves, telly, phone, mobile, street, everywhere. It is freaking us out too for we know it means something more than the.spiritual messages on angel numbers. Please help.

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