• I am a Paranormal Investigator . I hate to tell you this but ghost are everywhere . probably in the grocery store you go to and the movie theater you go to . you can’t let them freak you out. if you hear or see things moving and such . more than likely they are just trying to get your attention . they want to communicate with you . and some of them are seriously frustrated because no one can hear or see them. just don’t be freaked out. I will tell you what I do .. when I see or hear things moving I just talk to them and say now come on I wanted that candle sitting there or I wanted that door closed because it is cold outside. things like that.

  • Do not worry.we have ghosts everywhere but we are not able to feel.Only a few can feel their presence.It will not hurt you if your are divine.Ghosts will show their presence only at darkness.So you can light your house all at night and have a good sleep.

  • Is this ghost hurting you or anyone else? Or does it just scare you? Sometimes they just want your attention and don’t know how to get it. Sometimes ghosts are just guardians watching over us. Next time this ghost starts acting up take a good look at the people around you or who comes over next. It could be trying to warn you about someone. Also, remember that YOU are living and THEY are not! Next time they do something that scares you, firmly (even angrily) command them to stop it right now. They will stop what they are doing. Also let them know that you’re fine with them being there, just you don’t want to see or hear them. They’ll back off.

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