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I can feel dead peoples spirits around me, Why are they drawn to me?

I have had MRI’s and had psychological exams. This is not something that I want or looked for. I have tried ministers, priest, and even a shaman. Getting desperate? Any suggestions


  • look im 14 i can feel spirits , i need help coz my mates locked me in a haunted abandoned house and take the mik out of me i really need to know y im to scared to help them i know its a gift but if someone can explain y i have it i will be so happy its bad enough im different already !

  • Why is it i can see a shadowy figure of a girl? I know She’s dead but i can hear her and see her. This just started saturday. She’s 9, has blonde hair, blue eyes, white Shirt, purple skirt, and purple flipflops… i… dont know what i should do…

    • Tell her it is ok to go into the light, and that her parents say it is ok for her to go. She will find the people she is looking for there and will be safe.

  • Don’t feel scared. They feed off fear. I’m only 15 but ever since I was little I could tell my family was hiding something from me. I found out a little later in my life the women in my family can feel and see and do random paranormal things.
    It’s a gift not a curse. Use it wisely.
    When my mom died I had a bad bad feeling and I know the exact time she died because at 8:13 it went away then later during the week the doctors said she died shortly after 8. When I had the bad feeling I went in and told my step-mom about the feeling. She said I probably just didn’t want to go to school tomorrow. I told her it wasn’t like a sick feeling it was a bad one. Like what if someone died. Then she said no body died and at 2:34 am I woke up October,17,2011 she was dead. She died October, 16,2011 the night I had the feeling. My mom and I could feel ghosts around too. My grandma can see them. It’s a gift not a curse.

  • please help me!!!!
    this cry for help is just for the one who really know about this gift
    i don’t need no negative spirits i need to hear from spiritural peoples that holy ghost filled to help me with this gift
    can’t you tell me what kind of gift this is that i have
    i know it’s of GOD!!!!

  • I try to stay away from this stuff. But I can feel when something ( or a few of them) are in the room with me. I can see their shadows or images of them, in my mind. I feel really bad for the woman who is being haunted so badly ( Becky). Nothing scary or dangerous has happened here. A medium told me that there is a spirit in my house protecting me, and others protecting my daughter. I read somewhere that you can command your protector spirit to protect you from negative ones. I feel safe and unafraid in my house, Thank God. But we have stopped communicating with them because I was told it can be dangerous unless you get training. Either way, I can sense them when they’re near. I acknowledge them,but just continue whatever I’m doing. Sometimes they appear in the back of my car as I am driving ! So far, they’ve been respectful, so I think they are good ones.

  • It is natural to feel spiritually …. don’t be scared! I feel the same but I ain’t scared bcuz I’ve taught myself to deal with it ever since I’ve experienced seeing death before my eyes when I was only 7. I can feel when something is wrong and also have great sense of what people feel….. it gives me a great understanding of everything around me….especially when I have a sense something negative is coming my way or even death.

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