I’m trying to summon either an incubus or demon lover. It really doesn’t matter which, though I would prefer an incubus.
Spells and/or rituals work perfectly fine.
All help is appreciated.
Please & Thank You*
And, please, I am seriously trying to call upon either an incubus or a demon lover so don’t joke around. I really want to know how to summon one. Thanks*


  • Maybe carving a certain demon’s sigil upon the skin on your chest would work.
    I carved Astaroth’s sigil and it summoned her the following night.

  • I have carried the fire of lust and wanting. The love you seek is on the lips of the damned. I have felt this love and the pain it gifts. Don’t ever believe you are in control.

  • Yes incubus is real. Just cause u never experience one dont mean they arent. They choose who they want, not all of u who wants it. They are terrifying and do want to do it with u, but not to pleasure u but to scare u to suck ur fearand energy and health and to hurt u while doing it. Darius scares me and I never asked for him!

  • I had one, but it kind of stopped bothering me because I think I pissed him off. He visited me during sp and started groping and touching me which scared the crap out of me cause I didnt know what was happening. I dont think its mostly about summoning them, they are already around just picking out women who they want. Im a virgin and I had been thinking about inter iurse but I never called onto it. It came to me. But there was something I did do while I was…ehm..and it must of sensed me. It told me its name was darius and hes tall, black eyes and with spiky hair. It showed up in my dreams as t first just there talking with me and stuff, joining my nightmares than when I obe it got into that with me physically.

    • Let me tell you all how you can meet your spirit lover it starts with Erik Vonworths 7 free lessons . I should know …

  • How do you invoke a demon and how do you know which demon to invoke? Is there a ritual? Please I would appreciate it if you could help me…..

    • first you have to know what you really want from your spirit lover . Then it starts with a very relaxed mind . And Tune in your mind toward to your spirit lover like a radio receiver . You will feel a pulling feeling like a magnet , This means that you are making contact . Now get ready for the most amazing ride of your life .. The secret to this whole thing is you have to know when to come in and pull out . in other words really feel what your feeling from your spirit lover.
      If you feel like he or she wants to like make love to you , Then don’t hold back just go with it … In time once you make that strong contact with your spirit lover. the feeling between you two will get stronger and stronger .

  • Im scared. I have a name “jonothan” Repeating in my head over and over. I feel attracted to wolfs, I take the hottest showers my body can handle and I never dream. Help me

  • Hi, I’m Meg.
    I’m looking to summon an incubus. Can someone help me, please? I don’t care what it requires.

    • First,you have to know the chant and the chant is http://ts1.mm.bing.net/tid=H.4697900881872539&pid=1.9&m=&w=300&h=300&p=0 go to that site and draw the sign and then you need black or blue candles and the chant is Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me, I pray thee the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do, the end which I would attain by thy help, O Mighty Satan, the one True God who livest and reignest forever and ever. I entreat thee to inspire__________(name of Demon) to manifest before me that he/she may give me true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to his/her office. This I respectfully and humbly ask in Your Name, Lord Satan, may you deem me worthy, Father. ok then you need to know you have to be stronge to control if your not stronge it will attack you to get rid of it mess up the circle when i mean mess up rip it.

  • I’m starting to believe thzt im a Demon myself, im realy conected to wolfs and for some reason i like plating with fire, i think im a wolf demon but i dont know.., i act like wofs and i like dognt treats and beef jerky a bit to much. wait, can you be a humanoid 10 year old wolf-demon and not kbw it for 10 years? sorry for long message. p.s. im not taking email.

  • Hi! 🙂 i also really want to summon one, but I don’t want to lose my virginty though lol. Well I actually just want one that will stay by my side and be in love with me. So if you guys know anyone please send mail to : mariatakeru@gmail.com
    I’m interested in guys just so you know;) anyways I’ll wait for an reply 😀

  • well you could try talking to someone with incubus or sucubus blood,,,most people don’t realize that most “wiches” descend from halfbloods and can help you in many ways the spirts can without as much effort or risk on your part…..

  • hi yes incubus somoning needs lots of patiance and iv been told it helps if you have a name mine call nasaaa im stil sumoning let you know if i get connection also these spirits can take over your mind has well has you body soiv been told.

  • I know demons personally. I am one…a outcasted demon so more like a creature of darkness. I hunt demons but not all demons are evil that is a commun misconception. Demon just means a dark powered spirt..if you want more info email me..

    • hi i actually want some info on this, like, i mean i keep hearing about people that can summon up their own spirit lover and to be honest i want to summon one too. btw are you really a creature of darkness?

    • Hey, I would like to no more about you and was wondering if you could help me figure out what kind I am because I believe I am one.

    • Yes please contact me I am very interested in learning more about this & what exactly must I do I want to be able to protect my soul but I also want learn more about demonology the incubus and any & all fallen Angeles also to knoe more about you I also believe I am connected / attached with an outcast demon , please contact me ?!?

    • Callow Rodex
      March 4, 2013 at 8:54 pm
      I know demons personally. I am one…a outcasted demon so more like a creature of darkness. I hunt demons but not all demons are evil that is a commun misconception. Demon just means a dark powered spirt..if you want more info email me..
      Please contact me ….

  • um hi my friend wants an incubus demon for lord who knows why she is 15 and really wants one like BADLY! -_- so if any of u know how to summons one or know an actual one then call or text this number plz ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..OH AND BTW- OH MY CARROTS, OH MY ICE CREAM……………………………………………………..

  • I tried before to summon an incubus lover but it never worked. And I can’t find anyone who is loyal to one person so I wanted to ask both Demonmistress and nachtengel757 if you have an incubus lover just send it to me. I will be happy that you make my dream come true.

  • To all the beautiful demon mistresses and maidens, i am glad you exist and love snd can be loved. I believe i have called on one of your own, but i am not sure. I do believe so though, as i continuously see a feminine face with icy blue eye so pure they seem to glow… i wish to know her name… the one i see. Can u help me? I lnow ur bad with human tech,but u can call on me on the spectrum of dreams. Thank you

  • uhm hey,
    just corious and confused how is it possibel for spirit write here, i dont want be mean just wondering >_<"
    i find it intressing when that is possible.

    beside would mind have company of a incubus, for small talk

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