I’m trying to summon either an incubus or demon lover. It really doesn’t matter which, though I would prefer an incubus.
Spells and/or rituals work perfectly fine.
All help is appreciated.
Please & Thank You*
And, please, I am seriously trying to call upon either an incubus or a demon lover so don’t joke around. I really want to know how to summon one. Thanks*


  • I have carried the fire of lust and wanting. The love you seek is on the lips of the damned. I have felt this love and the pain it gifts. Don’t ever believe you are in control.

  • Yes incubus is real. Just cause u never experience one dont mean they arent. They choose who they want, not all of u who wants it. They are terrifying and do want to do it with u, but not to pleasure u but to scare u to suck ur fearand energy and health and to hurt u while doing it. Darius scares me and I never asked for him!

  • I had one, but it kind of stopped bothering me because I think I pissed him off. He visited me during sp and started groping and touching me which scared the crap out of me cause I didnt know what was happening. I dont think its mostly about summoning them, they are already around just picking out women who they want. Im a virgin and I had been thinking about inter iurse but I never called onto it. It came to me. But there was something I did do while I was…ehm..and it must of sensed me. It told me its name was darius and hes tall, black eyes and with spiky hair. It showed up in my dreams as t first just there talking with me and stuff, joining my nightmares than when I obe it got into that with me physically.

  • How do you invoke a demon and how do you know which demon to invoke? Is there a ritual? Please I would appreciate it if you could help me…..

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