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How to receive free wiccan supplies?

I have no money so I cannot afford any of this stuff. I didn’t know if anyone knew any site that gives away free wiccan supplies like books, equipment, clothes, jewelry, etc. Or do I have to purchase them? Also Is there a way to get a free wiccan bible mailed to me or do I have to find a free wiccan bible download?


  • I need Wiccan supplies, as I am new and studying Wicca… Please send a Wiccan Bible and anything else you can spare that a young, male wiccan may need…. Thank you

    G. Jordan B
    1304 West Maple
    Duncan, Oklahoma

  • Found out witch craft was the true light, very interested in mastering the craft, need things to get started, via the universe here I am: 700 1/2 Central Ave. #5 Fort Dodge IA. 50501

  • I’m exploring religions and highly interested in paganism. I was wondering if there was any site or anything that would help me get free or cheap books on all of it.

  • I’m just getting started and am on a disability check. I could really use a little help. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. 1109 W.Montgomery Ave.Sheffield, Al.35660

  • If anyone has any old books crystals or any wiccan supplies they can spare to help me to practice the craft it would be very appreciated, Shane parker 360 old nickelsvill rd. , gate city, va 24251,

  • I’m trying to study right now and could use some books and maybe a few others items. I’m disabled and live on a fixed income with a 15yr son.

  • Hi just starting Wicca, don’t have much money or means to get some supplies and books. If anyone has any extra or used books or things please send to me at 148 Main St apt 3 0neonta NY 13820. Thank you.

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