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How to receive free wiccan supplies?

I have no money so I cannot afford any of this stuff. I didn’t know if anyone knew any site that gives away free wiccan supplies like books, equipment, clothes, jewelry, etc. Or do I have to purchase them? Also Is there a way to get a free wiccan bible mailed to me or do I have to find a free wiccan bible download?


  • I am just a beginer very interested in learning and like to know where I can find free to download necessities materials and related wicken items and supplies at no cost……

  • hi i need to under stand more of why i steal peoples energies like it hangs on to me and wont let go at all. what is this and how can i control this with out cutting my self off from it?

  • You can check Walmart.com, Amazon.com, go to thrift stores, and such. You can find many things you need in nature. Also the spice aisle and all is where you can start getting herbs.

  • i am a new wiccan in my family and we have know place where I live of any supplies I need help cause I am the only one left please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i have been a wiccan for over 30 years have few books but they are new age i need older books if anyone has any one of ancesters was from salem but those books were lost

  • I have been Wicca for yrs now and had tons of books, altars, candles, pengalams, ect- I’m now a single mom on disability without help from there father. He destroyed all my books tarots jewelry everything. I am in great need old anything u can spare. This is a big hole missing in my life. Please help

  • I used to practice and when my daughter was born I sort of lost everything my materials my teachings everything so can help me get back on the path

  • Hello My Fellow Wiccan’s, I have paganism running through my veins as far as I can follow my family tree back. I have studied as long as I can remember, But not to long ago I had lost near everything due to a hurricane. And I’am collecting everything all over again and O’ boy do I feel lost for many reasons, for one I have to replace everything all over again and I don’t have the means to do so. And the other is I cannot find anyone that I can connect with it is very hard to find a fellow sister or brother wiccan. So if anyone can help in anyway I would be greatful! please email me at stearns1980@yahoo.com BLESSED BE! Thank you for your time- Linda

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